Judge Public Relations: PR Firm Profile


Headquartered in Tampa Florida, Judge Public Relations represents clients from around the globe and has garnered media attention for clients on each continent.

The award-winning agency was founded by James Judge who is an expert in public relations, a decorated war veteran, and a former journalist. The agency leverages expertise from dozens of experts in web and print media, radio, television, marketing, and communications. Combined, the team’s expertise has earned numerous awards for the company, and agents within the firm have earned more than 20 Emmy awards and an MTV Movie Award.

Working with different clients, Judge Public Relations has secured unrivaled media coverage. Through approaches tailored to each client’s individual needs, the agency assists in developing and conveying brand messages by cutting through the noise to engage target audiences. Thanks to custom strategies and proven tactics, Judge PR helps brands win any information battle that they may face.

Key Services

Media Relations

Thanks to decades of expertise in building relationships and working with the media, Judge PR’s pros have developed a unique eye for what the media wants in storytelling. Working with news media, the agency pros pitch story ideas about a brands unique value proposition, helping brands get publicity and maximum exposure.

Getting clients featured as an industry leader in major news outlets is a priority of the agency’s media relations services. By obtaining news stories with links from leading media outlets, Judge’s team maximizes a brand’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while improving  brand credibility.

By employing media relations best practices, Judge PR’s media service maintains maximum exposure while minimizing delay. Thus ensuring that a brand’s awareness increases immediately.


With the average consumer being bombarded with marketing materials continuously and thousands of businesses vying for attention, a brand must stand out to a target audience. Thanks to the firm’s marketing expertise, by employing conversion-driven marketing the agency helps clients stand out. Through attention-grabbing brand messages, the firm can identify, reach-out to, and educate potential consumers, increasing the value of a brand. Employing proactive monitoring of market trends and in-depth market research, Judge PR’s team finds a brand’s most-profitable demographic and niche audience.

By deploying tailored marketing solutions, the agency’s team enables brands to communicate unique value through digital marketing, social media, and traditional advertising.

Creative Services

In being the face and voice of a brand, the firm acknowledges that content is of utmost importance. Thanks to the diverse expertise of the agency, brands benefit from professional custom videos, photography, tailored brand campaigns, and well-designed websites. Together, these tools enhance a brand’s awareness across different platforms and mold consumer perspectives on issues surrounding a wide variety of audiences.

Experts in the agency’s creative service have honed skills working at Burger King, Chevrolet, CBS, ABC, Disney, the Florida Panthers, IHOP, FOX Sports, Mazda, ESPN, the New York Yankees, Samsung, Pepsi, Toyota and Taco Bell t to name a few.


Improving a website’s ranking organically can be the most cost-effective way of reaching target audiences. Working with Judge PR’s service, brands execute custom SEO services benefiting their websites significantly. By identifying weaknesses within a brand’s website structure, social media strategies, and keyword use, Judge PR’s agents tailor SEO strategies for each brand, increasing organic ranking.

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