Company Profile: Day One Agency

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Fresh thinking, new energy, every day. Since the beginning, these words have been at the core of Day, and while they have changed considerably over the last six years, the ethos of what has made everyday Day One remains the same. They look forward to treating each morning as a new one, and to keep the spark of creativity one feels at the start of something new throughout each and every relationship.


They have earned recognition for their hard work with awards like  Small Agency of the year 2018, from PRovoke Media, 2019 PR Agency of the Year from Campaign Magazine, and most recently 2020 Creative Agency of the Year


Some rules have been set for their new branding-

  • Reflect
  • Create tight guard rails
  • Bold, but flexible
  • Reimagine the mark

The brand was refined through workshops, multiple rounds of review, and testing of applications. Three new marks showcase the strengths of their team-

  • Trapezoid, which shows that the agency is forward-thinking, dimensional, open-minded.
  • Circle, which stands for ‘Community. Cohesive. Connection’
  • Burst, which expresses innovativeness, excitement, and freshness.


Show the work- Their projects are shown as editorial-like case studies with an emphasis on modular functionality.

Highlight the team- They make sure that every single employee at Day One is on the site, not just the founders or senior leadership. They have found a fun way to do that and show some of their personality.

Re-platform perspective – Their editorial home,  has lived on Medium since 2015, They are bringing over their best work on which will also host their quarterly print publications in digital form.

Be mobile-friendly– If they are pushing their stories via social media, odds are many are reading on their phones. The work should look just as good (if not better) on a non-laptop device.


The agency has partnered with Richard Callahan of Holiday to lead the development.


The agency is excited about what is to come. With a new home and an all-new look, the creative teams have already begun thinking through a new digital-first quarterly, all-new agency swag, updated office aesthetics, and revamped social look and feel. The recent refreshes will help to share how they think and the spirit of the agency.


They’ve taken the best parts of traditional PR, digital and creative agencies and structured their team to shape, share, and fuel stories that connect and earn a place in culture. A lot of agencies talk about making content, but they believe stories are what actually breakthrough and they’ve built their entire creative process around them. Their areas of expertise include concept and front-end development, photo and video production, meme-making, mood boards, social media, narrative development, smiling, and dialing among many others.


Their clients include Nike, Motorola, Maserati, Facebook, American Express among others.

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