Allison and Partners PR Agency Profile

Allison and Partners PR Agency Profile

Allison & Partners is a PR company that knows that if they want to stand out, they need to leave tradition behind and changes their perspective. A global agency, the brand stretches around the world, with employees from various backgrounds, including amateur philosophers, data geeks, academics, artists, and entrepreneurs. Allison & Partners build insights and expertise through a never-say-die attitude. They look for out-of-the-box ways to make their clients stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Leadership and Clients:

Allison & Partners are devoted to creating collaboration-friendly strategies for their customers which span a number of critical sectors, all the way from technology to sport. As a brand that’s all about pushing boundaries and creative thinking – this PR company is happy to work with all shapes and sizes of clients. However, the company specializes in healthcare, corporate products, consumer products, technology, and influence.

Clients range all the way from Naf Naf – an award-winning casual restaurant, to JanSport, a popular retailer of premium luggage and backpacks.

Perks and Problems:

As an employer, Allison & Partners give aspiring PR agents the chance to gain a lot of experience working with different companies from a range of backgrounds. The exposure to large workloads means that employees can rise quickly through the ranks if they’re willing to work hard and focus their attention on the right tasks.

One of the biggest issues of the company is that management can be difficult to work with. In a stressful environment like a PR agency, many experts feel that they thrive better with a guiding hand and supportive leader. Additionally, it can be difficult to find work/life balance – although this can be true of any PR company.


At their heart, Allison & Partners are an integrated marketing and public affairs company. They can offer everything from video marketing creation to long-term paid media partnerships. Working hand-in-hand with their clients, this company focuses on delivering a wide range of potential services, including public relations, media relations, influencer relations, grassroots outreach, and government affair management. Some other services include:

  • Campaign management
  • Event and experiential marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Branded entertainment
  • Thought leadership;

Getting a Job with Allison and Partners:

Allison and Partners believe that part of what makes them an amazing company is the fact that they’ve had chance to work with a range of fantastic clients throughout the years. However, the brand is also devoted to building a strong company culture for their employees. They were recently named the PRWeek best place to work – and not for the first time. Those who are interested in joining the team can send their resume and a cover letter to the company email address.


Allison & Partners believe that by keeping senior talent at the front of their focus, they can drive results that have a more significant level of impact. They separate themselves from their competitors with great leadership.

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