Nyhus Communications: Profile




Nyhus Communications: Profile

Nyhus communications is a PR company that has been around for more than two decades now, helping their clients to create custom solutions for communication and reputation management. Since they emerged in 1994, Nyhus develops strategic services and counsel solutions for innovative brands across the globe.

Roger Nyhus created the brand with a strong passion for public relations, advocacy, public affairs, and marketing campaigns for innovators and leadership brands. During 2010, Roger achieved the Business Leader of the Year award given by the Greater Seattle Business Association. He also has the Seattle Mayor’s Small Business Award.

Leadership and Clients:

Nyhus pride themselves on working with a broad and varied selection of clients from a vast range of backgrounds. This company excels in the intersection between the government, business, and community spaces, with plenty of media solutions and crisis communications experience.

Some of the brands that are working with Nyhus communications today include the Northeastern University, Juno Therapeutics, and WSCC.

Perks and Problems:

Nyhus employees benefit from beautiful office spaces with a comfortable feel and the opportunity to keep expanding on their dreams every day. Even those who don’t start their career with a strong PR background will have the opportunity to grow and thrive within the Nyhus company. The team is incredibly supportive, and the company culture feels as though everyone knows how to work together as friends.

For many employees the only problem with the workplace is that it’s so fast paced that it can be difficult to find enough time for rest and relaxation.


Nyhus focus on delivering effective communications through the commitment to sharing the right messages through the right medium, with the ideal audience. They believe in creating custom communication strategies for every client with no one-size-fits-all approach. Their services include:

  • Media training, listening, and relations
  • Message development and communications planning
  • Crisis communications
  • Event planning and influencer engagement
  • Collateral material development
  • Website management and data visualization
  • Social media marketing

Getting a Job With Nyhus:

Nyhus are looking for employees that share their values of quality, service, and high-impact work. The company delivers the same high-quality services every day regardless of which clients might come their way, and they believe that their clients should always walk away feeling satisfied. With Nyhus, experts can expect to work in a fast-paced and charismatic environment packed full of opportunities for growth.

Those interested in applying for a career with the company can examine the job listings on the website or send their resume. https://nyhus.com/careers/


Before Roger created Nyhus PR, he was a director of corporate communications for a high-profile technology company called Teledesic. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, as well as a number of other big names funded the company. Roger has a degree in communications from the Washington State University, and he’s an affiliate member of the advisory board of Washington State University’s college of communication.

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