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Profile of Prosek Partners

Prosek Partners is a unique PR and communications consultancy known for delivering next-level support and expertise to the creative marketing world. Prosek Partners bring fresh communications ideas into the marketing mix and help brands to tell their stories in bold and exciting new ways. Today, the company is home to more than 160 employees with one common focus – the client.

Prosek PR doesn’t just tick the boxes when it comes to PR and communications, they make sure that they listen to exactly what their clients need, then create a strategy that fits for them. Prosek partners discover what makes their clients special and show it to the world.

Prosek Partners Leadership and Clients:

Prosek Partners specialize in a number of industries, including financial services, where they bring their unboxed approach to communications to the space to ensure passion and creativity in a somewhat overlooked sphere. The company also has years of experience working in the professional services experience, with skills in the B2B marketing space. What’s more, Prosek has more than 20 years of experience working with insurance companies.

In recent years, Prosek PR has also made recent strides in the technology world, where they’ve begun to work with some of the biggest innovators in the marketplace. Just some of the clients that work with Prosek partners today include Hiscox, Capital One, Synchrony, Marathon, EverBank and more.

Prosek Partners Perks and Problems:

Prose Partners are very proud and passionate about what they do. The people who work in this team love the industry and appreciate their coworkers. When it comes to creating a good company culture, this business has the practice down, as an army of entrepreneurs and a team-oriented agency. This means that employees are both encouraged to work together and forge a path based on their own passions and goals.

Prosek Partners are an equal opportunity employer that offers a range of benefits including 401k retirement advantages, health and dental insurance, paid time off and more.

Prosek PR Services:

As a professional communications agency, Prosek works hard to achieve the best possible results for their clients, mixing a blend of deep domain experience with their advanced toolkit for Renaissance Marketing. They believe in creating a fully bespoke and tailor-made collection of services for their customers based on the unique needs of the clients. Some of the services that Prosek Partners offers include:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Transaction services
  • Crisis and Issues communications
  • Creative and digital services
  • Special situations

Getting a Job with Prosek Partners:

Those interested in getting a job with Prosek Partners may be in luck, as the organization offers today’s PR professionals the chance to work from offices throughout the world in places like London, Fairfield, and Manhattan. The brand is currently on the lookout for individuals who are searching for a job where successes get rewards and management encourages risks. Available jobs are up-for-grabs on the company website.

Prosek Partners Miscellaneous:

Prosek PR have transformed their own unique business culture into a book designed to help people who want to create their own entrepreneurial approach to business. The creative entrepreneurial culture of Prosek PR has helped them to attract some of the best and most talented professionals in the industry.

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