InkHouse PR: Agency Profile

Founded in 2007, the agency now has more than 100 employees, four office locations, and has become one of the fastest-growing firms within the United States. Led by Beth Monaghan, the agency leverages more than a decade of experience to translate complex ideas into stories that push culture and innovation forward.

The Monoghan-led agency was named one of the best places to work within Massachusetts during The Boston Globe’s 12th annual employee-based survey project.

Given the accolades bagged by InkHouse PR, exploring outstanding features within the organization highlights how the agency has grown rapidly to become a well recognized integrated PR agency.

InKHouse Top Leadership

#1. Beth Monaghan

The founder and CEO of InkHouse, Monaghan, has been recognized in the PR news list of top women in PR, the Holmes report list of top 25 innovators, and has featured as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the year award. Believing in culture as an important component of any business model, InkHouse’s CEO has implemented several remarkable policies within the agency. Some of these policies include a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. email ban, and work-from-home Fridays.

Besides building an agency that creates doorways to complex ideas that move culture and the world forward, Monaghan has played a key role in several national initiatives. Worth noting are initiatives involved in passing bills related to paid family leave, transgender rights, and equal pay.

Currently, she sits at the board of the Advisory Council for the ERA Coalition and Eastern Bank’s Board of Corporators. She chairs the board at The Alliance for Business Leadership.

#2.Jason Morris

InkHouse PR’s president, Jason Morris, heads the agency’s west coast operation. Besides heading the busy and fast-growing San Francisco office, Morris leverages his extensive expertise to drive stand-out campaigns for leading brands in the automotive, technology, and consumer industries.

Some leading clients working with Morris’s San Francisco office include Okta, OfferUp, and Toyota Research Institute.

Notable Accomplishments 

InkHouse has some notable accomplishments in the recent past. These include:

#1.Launching GoodInk Service

The GoodInk service enables brands to go back to the basics of CSR. This ensures that brands meet the genuine needs that enable companies to make appropriate decisions, drive appropriate cultures, and promote community involvement based on their principles and purposes. 

Through GoodInk, organizations can align what they do with what they believe in. At the same time, GoodInk aims to assist organizations in making an impact in various meaningful areas within their industries.

#2. Project Curiosity

The three-month project sought to identify how industries can adapt communication approaches that shift the culture from indifference, suspicion, fear, and divisiveness to meaningful ways.

InkHouse’s project sought to identify unique ways through which brands can adapt communication approaches that foster real connections based on curiosity and understanding.

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