The City of Pensacola Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) requests proposals from professional marketing and public relations firms experienced in the provision of strategic communications, including digital design, creative services, marketing services, public relations, and grant writing services for the CRA. 


The CRA adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act and will make reasonable accommodations for access to City services, programs, and activities. Please call (850) 435-1607 for further information. Requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the event in order to allow the CRA time to provide the requested services. The CRA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive any proposal informalities and to re-advertise for proposals when deemed in the best interest of the CRA.

It is the intent of this solicitation to select a marketing and public relations firm (Firm) to provide strategic communications and grant writing services for the City of Pensacola Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The CRA provides community redevelopment support to three Community Redevelopment Areas: the Urban Core, Eastside Urban Infill and Westside. Chief goals of the CRA’s community redevelopment efforts are blight elimination, property value enhancement and revitalization of these inner city neighborhoods. The CRA’s work is guided by the adopted Community Redevelopment Area Plans for each area. These plans serve as guiding documents for area redevelopment. The plans may be accessed at The use of a professional, highly qualified firm is beneficial to the citizens of Pensacola as well as to the overall productivity and impact of the CRA to provide for ongoing public education of the City of Pensacola’s CRA program, and to create opportunities to advance its work.

Scope of Work:

The Firm will create and implement a strategy for reporting key metrics and achievements of the CRA, including the development of a “living report” that will establish Return on Investment (ROI) and relevance in an engaging, transparent and memorable way to all stakeholders. The Firm will compile, assimilate and illustrate the mission, work and achievements of the CRA and create opportunities to advance the CRA’s work through a strategic public communications and marketing strategy, and grant writing. Services may include, but are not limited to: 

· Provide strategic marketing planning, consultation, professional copywriting and/or production services for specific projects prioritized by the CRA including reports, presentations, news releases, scripts, copy points, annual reports, brochures, submissions for recognition, awards or grants, social media, enewsletter and website.

· Design and provide branded templates and marketing materials for presenting data (presentation/written reports), and establishing the CRA’s identity.

· Work with CRA to establish an overview of achievements, mission, before and after photos, data, reports and stories that enhance CRA’s relevance to the community, to release to the media, post on the City of Pensacola website and provide to other websites (such as DIB). 

· Meet with CRA staff and representatives, as needed, to review upcoming projects, assess progress, and discuss project priorities.

· Work with CRA staff and representatives to compile and rank data, identify audience segments, and identify methods of communication for priority projects.

· Research available resources for information, including quantitative and qualitative sources, photo archives, newspaper archives and other available databases; meet and engage with other entities, as needed. 

· Assimilate information gathered from resources provided by the CRA or its representatives.

· Work with CRA staff and representatives to produce narratives for its annual CRA report, presentations, or other marketing needs.

· Outline professional photography needs; provide creative direction; and schedule photographers, as needed.

· Create a “menu” of compelling, unique story angles/CRA success stories for use in annual reports, presentations, media outreach or other marketing needs.

· Research opportunities and provide copywriting and production services to obtain regional and national recognition for the work of the CRA.

· Create a media relations strategy and research opportunities and research inmarket opportunities to generate positive media stories and exposure for the CRA.

· Research opportunities to produce and provide social media assets to both strengthen relationships and build community visibility for the work of the CRA.

Project Management/On-Going Tasks 

· Meetings, phone conferences, email communications, and briefings shall be scheduled/provided, as needed.

· Coordination with CRA staff, and/or its representatives before meetings to determine roles and approach, and after meeting to clarify next steps, as needed.

· Preparation of support materials and graphics for meetings and outreach.

The Selected Firm shall provide creative services for developing marketing campaigns to promote the CRA and its services. They will be responsible for all phases of such campaigns including the production for radio, television, billboards, and print media, as may be applicable. They shall prepare and assist in the distribution of public information and educational materials, prepare annual public relation/public information plans, and provide updates and changes to those plans throughout the year. They will provide advice regarding, and assist in addressing, all media relations and will proactively identify and develop marketing and educational ideas and opportunities for the CRA. Marketing Budget: The estimated annual budget towards the identified services is approximately $50,000 (including any and all agency fees and expenses), subject to change based on available CRA budgets and project needs

Due Date:

5:00 P.M., August 31, 2020


George Maiberger, Purchasing Manager City Hall 6th Floor 222 West Main Street Pensacola, Florida

Agencies to consider include RF Binder and Ruder Finn.

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