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2021-05-01 by Jim Crickell
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M Booth Public Relations: M Booth NY PR Agency

M Booth PR is a forward-thinking public relations agency that believes in taking an innovative approach to marketing and communications. The company refers to its employees as “Ideapreneurs”, which means that each has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for creativity. With their custom approach to PR and communication strategies, M Booth make sure that their clients have the resources and guidance they need to make the most out of their position in the marketplace.

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M Booth Leadership and Clients

Specialists in the worlds of technology, healthcare, public issues, retail, consumer products, and B2B marketing, M Both and Associates works with a range of clients who want to create strong brand identities for their companies. Over the years, some of the most exciting clients that have built their identity with M Booth include Pfizer, JCPenney, Travelzoo and many more.

M Booth & Associates consider themselves to be specialists in a wide range of sectors and have branched out into everything from the beauty field to sectors including travel, wine and spirits, and online retail. This company even has a knack for appealing to specific demographics, such as the millennial marketplace.

Perks and Issues at M Booth

Though M Booth claims to be a place that celebrates courage and creativity in the work environment, the brand has a complex reputation when it comes to employment. On their website, M Booth & Associates claim that they hold themselves accountable to their employees and give them the tools they need to change the status quo.

However, some of the people who have worked for M Booth believe that the public relations firm isn’t as supportive as it should or could be. Employee reviews still claim that blame for company failures passes around the office quickly, usually among junior members of a team. Additionally, there have been complaints of favoritism in the past, while 60-hour work weeks are commonplace.

M Booth PR Services

M Booth & Associates offer a wide range of unique services for their clients, from marketing planning and consumer technology strategies, to media campaigns in the print, online, and broadcast world. The company also specializes in interactive services which include digital marketing, social media marketing, website design, online reputation management, and cross communications.

Careers with M Booth Public Relations

M Booth and Associates frequently open their doors to PR professionals in search of a new career. Candidates can discover the open job vacancies on the company website or send a resume and cover letter to the brand’s email address. For those who do apply, M Booth promises to offer a supportive and collaborative working environment. The company received the vote for PRWeek’s Best place to Work , as well as the award for Midsize agency of the year.