Braithwaite Communications: Philadelphia PR Agency

Braithwaite Communications: Philadelphia PR Agency

Braithwaite Communications:

A full-service communications and marketing agency based in Philadelphia, Braithwaite Communications is a professional PR group that expertise in using the science and art of storytelling to get great results for their clients. Braithwaite Communications know that great branding is the key to success, and they use storytelling to design better experiences for their customers.

Braithwaite Communications differ from other PR firms because they use the science and art of creating a compelling narrative to design stories that help the organizations they work with to excel and succeed. The brand also has its own in-house creative design team to bring stories to life in a more visual way.

Leadership and Clients:

Braithwaite Communications is a PR company built using a diverse team of news anchors, former journalists, reporters, and feature writers who know what it takes to design an incredible creative experience for brands. With the help of a range of specialists, Braithwaite communications make it easier to design and develop brand reputations for a selection of incredible companies, working closely with newsrooms and other environments.

For brands in search of validation with public relations, content marketing community building, or self-preservation with crisis communications, Braithwaite Communications can help deliver success and growth. The brand works alongside companies like Trust, Wawa, FMC, Aesculap, Merck, and many more. Braithwaite communications also design campaigns for organizations like the free library of Philadelphia, and the National Liberty Museum.

Perks and Problems:

This PR company believes in the power of teamwork, the organization focuses on bringing together talented people from around the world who want to make the most out of a career doing what they love. As a place of employment, Braithwaite communications is fun, exciting and entertaining – a place where fun and excitement thrive together.

The office space is an open newsroom, with no physical or political walls to hold people back from achieving their true potential. The place is also packed full of creative thinkers like journalists, consultants, analysts, and researchers all dedicated to supporting their clients. Interested parties can see more of this organization on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Getting a Job with Braithwaite Communications:

Braithwaite Communications runs their own “Apprenticeship Storytelling Program” to bring new interns onto the team as often as possible. Interns aren’t just given busy work, instead, they get to jump into the heart of projects and learn as much as they can about the PR community. All candidates need to do to get involved is send a resume through and provide a cover letter telling the brand more about themselves.


Aside from PR and communication services, Braithwaite Communications also offers internal communication strategies, social media and digital marketing, branding and creative strategy design and content marketing.

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