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Formed in 2002 as a marketing agency in the sports and entertainment space, Champion Management has evolved into an award-winning firm covering restaurants and retail brands. Founded by Ladd Biro, the firm boasts of 200+ years of collective working experience, partnering with leading corporations and not-for-profit entities.

Distinguished for its world-class service and an unmatched network of media relations, Champion is the go-to agency for brands seeking placement on the local and national media stage. Building on good reputation, Champion opened approximately 100 new locations in more than 25 states in 2018.

Noting that success is unique for each brand, studying Champion’s leadership, key services, and clients provides insight into the agency’s meteoritic rise.


#1. Ladd Biro (Founder & Principal)

Biro founded Champion Management back in 2002. Having worked in senior marketing positions— like the director of global sales at American Airlines, and Senior VP of marketing at the National Association of Manufacturers— Biro brought a wealth of marketing experience to the agency.

Champion’s founder won the Fantasy Football Writer of the Year in 2010 and 2011, respectively. As well, the founder secured a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing in 2011.

#2. Eric Spiritas (Principal)

Spiritas, a magnate and business development pro, partnered with Biro in 2011. Being an expert in business growth and Using Consumer Reviews And Influencer Marketing To Boost PRconsumer marketing, Spiritas’ input has helped the agency grow exponentially, focusing on retail brands and restaurants.

Key Services

#1. Franchise Development

Over the years, Champion has honed the art of getting third-party endorsements for franchise concepts. Leveraging clients’ expertise and franchises, the agency arranges outstanding speaking opportunities, establishing such brands as subject matter experts in their industries.

Thanks to the agency’s prowess, Champion secured the Entrepreneur’s 2019 Best in Public relations award. The award criteria was based on Entrepreneur magazine’s top franchise suppliers, annually.

#2. Influencer and Local Marketing

Champion’s team has mastered the art of creating and nurturing media and influencer relations, nationally and internationally. Leveraging the team’s A-game, Champion deploys a personalized approach to local marketing, identifying appropriate market activation opportunities.

Some market activation opportunities that the award-winning team targets include sponsorships with local teams and community events, tie-ins with local charities and schools, and pop-ups at local office buildings.

To boost grand openings, Champion’s team handles public relations before and after the launch. Often the PR pros recommend and identify celebrities to help heighten media interest to a grand opening or relaunch.

#3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is ever changing and without proper planning and execution brands can’t reap the low-hanging benefits therein. Champion’s social media pros help clients manage their entire social media footprint. This includes their presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other web content.

At the same time, the marketing pros help brands design creative posts, generating shares, likes, and positive engagement with clients and prospects. What’s more, by engaging influencers and customers to build strategic relations, the award-winning agency helps entities foster brand loyalty.

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