OnlyFans Promoting and Marketing

We asked some experts about how to promote and market on OnlyFans, a rapidly growing site which allows content creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their content.  We asked experts how to promote and market and succeed on OnlyFans – here are some answers. 

SEO specialist Daniel Foley says “The best avenue for promoting an OnlyFans at the moment looks like it is through peoples Social Media – the likely reason for this because (especially for influencers) there is already an engaged audience who are wanting more content, and this is just a natural progression, it also comes with a big audience in the young adult range, where this group are likely to be open to spending money on this sort of thing.

We have recently seen celebrities such as Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey take advantage of the site for their own gain, and the next natural progression would be for brands to start using it. There is no requirement for content to be explicit, and could be used to tease ‘making ofs’ and could also be particularly popular for up-and-coming bands to release music sneak peaks through. OF course, the continued rise does rely on security, and we could likely see the website nosedive if it was victim to a big hack.”

Tianna Mañón, CEO, Mañón Media Management said that, “It’s important to understand that OF is different in that it’s not traditional social media. On other platforms, people just sign up for an account and that’s it but on OnlyFans, many people are spending money. From brand advertising to being a content creator, you have to make even better content than would be seen on IG, Twitter & FB. You should be creative but don’t be afraid to push the envelope a bit in your tone! Something more daring (not always sexy) is appreciated here! OnlyFans is here to stay and if you want to reach out to an audience with more money than the typical one we find on social media, than it’s the one for you!”

Jennifer Willy, Editor at said, “OnlyFans is quickly becoming the most used application by Gen Z’s and it is important to take it into consideration if a company wants to attract the younger generation. It can become the next big marketing tool for companies.

So, some basic tips to start marketing over this app include frequent posting of videos like making exclusive makeup or workout tutorials, etc. You can also start with collaborating with other established figures on the website/app. It can give you the initial push that any newly established brand needs. Lastly, you can connect with Twitter and other social media to handle followers as you do not have to work hard in nurturing the relationship again.”

Expect a lot of noise in the future about marketing on OnlyFans!

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