Marketing On OnlyFans: How To Market OnlyFans

We asked marketers with the rapid growth of OnlyFans, the adult site, how can brands and individuals succeed in marketing there? What are the keys to marketing on OnlyFans? 

Matt Bertram, CEO & SEO Strategist at EWR Digital said he believes OnlyFans has untapped potential for open-minded marketers, noting “On OnlyFans you can create videos, photos and other content for a range of niches. The platform is not limited to adult content. OnlyFans is subscription-based which means you charge users a monthly fee to follow your account. You can also create exclusive content to sell to your subscribers. 

Selling exclusive content can be very lucrative, especially for content creators with large engaged audiences.  OnlyFans is known for its adult content, but it’s also used by content creators in other genres such as modeling, physical fitness, gaming, entertainment and cryptocurrency. Only Fans is designed as a hybrid of Patreon, Twitter and Instagram and most marketers are unaware of its true potential. I believe that while OnlyFans may not quite become mainstream, more adventurous brands will start to advertise there.”

Scott Hasting, co-founder of BetWorthy said, “OnlyFans is an interesting topic because it has such a divided base. Some love it while others don’t see the point of its existence. From a marketing point of view, it’s not going to succeed and here’s why: 

For an advertiser, while the potential coverage/reach is important, what’s more important is the kind of audience that is a part of a given source. For e.g., gatorade would be better off advertising on ESPN rather than CNN primarily because of their target market, even though CNN might have higher coverage than ESPN.  Similarly, whilst OnlyFans does have a huge userbase, they’re not coming on there to be marketed to. They’re not in that state of mind where they’ll ponder about the ad and might make a purchase. In fact, your brand could even have a negative outlook if people found out you’re advertising on an adult site. No matter how much OnlyFans tries to act like a social media platform, it’s nothing more than porn site. And for that reason, I don’t see any marketing opportunities for brands apart from a relatively small niche.”

Flynn Zaiger, Founder of The Washington Digital Agency for Marketing said to succeed in marketing on OnlyFans, “users should use essentially the same as every other social platform: create interesting, engaging content that users can only find on your feed. The major difference with OnlyFans, which feels similar to early-Tumblr, is the level of success you can find from being extremely niche. While other social networks essentially require thousands, or millions of followers, in order to make a living off of being an influencer, OnlyFans’ premium aspects allow users to be successful with dozens to hundreds of fans, a much smaller amount than mainstream sites.

He doesn’t believe brands will succeed on OnlyFans, noting, “It’s important to remember that social networks like OnlyFans change over time. Many users of Tumblr in its early years would’ve assumed it would never go mainstream, but the Yahoo purchase in 2013 changed that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar acquisition in Onlyfans future, leading toward more mainstream acceptance of the platform.”

OnlyFans has seen radical growth.  Expect to read a lot more about them in the days to come.

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