Pascale Communications: Public Relations for Healthcare

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Founded in 2005, with headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Pascale Communications is a modern international healthcare communication and digital marketing company to help companies clearly communicate in one of the world’s most confusing industries.

Pascale Communications has been working with startups, household names, physician experts, and thought leaders for over a decade to serve both the US and the global marketplace.

A company that’s been constantly growing, innovating, and moving because it was founded in a culture that doesn’t quite fit in office spaces. Brands and corporations like working with Pascale Communications because the team is real, fast, strategic, nimble, and very responsive in all of their work. Not only that, but the team loves doing the work that it does for the company’s clients because it has a deep commitment to healthcare.

With the team’s extensive experience and knowledge of all things PR, they’re able to help clients grow their digital, social media, and PR influence and achieve incredible results while working together on different client campaigns.

Pascale Communications has skilled social media content managers, PR experts, marketers, and medical writers on board, that can leverage their many years of experience to help clients understand the various communications and marketing processes while designing a personalized plan or campaign for any brand while fully supporting the client in delivering and tracking the story.

Using an education first approach, Pascale Communications works across digital and traditional media to help clients share their brand to key audiences in ways that are both topical and relevant. The entire team on-board is designed around the client’s needs, not the company’s, and that’s why the company provides a variety of very beneficial and useful services to brands.

Pascale Communications provides digital marketing services to clients looking for community management, paid media, growth marketing, social media, or blogs to build online authority and content and creative services that can support the brand.

With the professional media relations services, clients can receive conference and event support from the communications company and KOL engagement, article pitching and placement, and media messaging development, which can develop a brand’s story and build industry relationships.

The company also offers consumer or patient media relations. The team can help target and appeal to the client’s key consumer audiences, including local market outreach and national consumer pitching. In contrast, with the MD connect services, the company can connect clients with patients, provide patient targeting, engage in ad development, lead generation, high-value interactions, and in-depth analytics to track how effective these campaigns are.

Pascale Communications generates customized communications through its PR content development services that can build brand buzz through blogs, white papers, marketing collateral, or internal communications. Finally, with the MD accelerator services, the company can build, maintain and grow a client’s social media presence that builds engagement, establishes authority, increases visibility, and provides overall growth.

They have worked with many clients in the healthcare industry, such as Alimera Sciences, Glaukos, Lumenis, Merit Medical, and many others.

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