Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPM-PR)

Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPM-PR)

Founded by Monique Tatum in 2005, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR (BPM-PR) has grown into a full-service and global PR agency with an extensive reach, globally. Having worked with well-known brands like Microsoft Partners and NBC Universal, and provided PR counsel to businesses of different sizes, the founder’s expertise has helped propel the agency to its heights.

4 reasons why BPM-PR stands out

Apart from the founder’s expertise, three unique aspects have also fueled the organization’s success. These include:

#1. A creative and highly unique talent pool

BPM-PR’s team has carved out a name for its consistency in professionalism, excellence, and perfection. Having helped grow brands like Beauteque, The Moulin Rouge, Simple Deal, The Mane Choice, and The Reality of Fashion The Reality of AIDS (RFRA), the creative team has created some notable waves in the PR space.

Through a comprehensive training and development program, the publicity professionals are equipped with exceptional skills. As such, they are ready to take any brand’s campaign to unmatched levels of excellence. Located in major business hubs around the globe (Vancouver, New York, London, and San Francisco), the all-creative and exceptionally energetic professionals continue to accelerate BPM-PR growth and visibility in the PR and marketing space.

#2. Strong Connection  

Having the right media connections can make or break a PR campaign. Thus, BPM-PR’s effort to grow and use media connections helps businesses fill the communication gap between consumers, celebrity names, events, PR experts, products, and businesses. Through an aggressive PR approach, the Tatum-led PR agency creates notable media buzz allowing campaigns to attain unmatched results.

At the same time, strong media connections have enabled BPM-PR’s clients to be featured consistently on notable media outlets. Some of these news outlets include The New York Times, Motor Trend Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Essence, ComputerWorld, EXTRA, and many more.

#3. Winning National and International Campaigns

Having started as a local PR agency based in New York City, BPM-PR has grown its reach to the global level. Headquartered in New York City and with state-of-the-art offices in Vancouver, New York, London, and San Francisco, the company is able to launch exceptional PR campaigns by leveraging local and international media coverage. This exceptional ability has helped the company’s campaigns gain exceptional results. For instance, the Mane Choice campaign helped the brand increase its sales dramatically, increased general review and celebrity press, led to the establishment of the company’s CEO as an expert, increased celebrity endorsements, and eased the products’ infiltration rate onto America’s beauty and healthy hair market.

#4. Strategic Mission statement

With the firm’s focus on continuously distributing timely, consistent, and flawless communication, the BPM-PR team endeavors to push accurately crafted messages to the public via channels that yield high returns for PR clients. Coupled with the mission to be accountable for communication at all levels, this focus prompted consistency, thus preventing effects that may dilute the company’s communication approach.

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