Kivvit: Pr Firm Profile

Founded in 2002, Kivvit is a public affairs firm with offices in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Miami, and Washington DC. The firm provides both immersive and innovative public affairs and communications strategies to businesses. The professionals working at Kivvit are industry leaders that have a deep understanding of the relationships between government, business, media, and politics in every market. This experience stems from many years working in media relations, digital communications, government, crisis management, executive positioning, and campaign management.

The nationally-recognized firm has an entrepreneurial culture that is led by professionals who believe each of the client’s issues is unique. Every one of them deserves to get a customized approach to solve them. That’s why Kivvit strives to design and manage each campaign with the client’s outcome and their issue in mind.

The work that’s done by Kivvit always delivers results. The firm provides a variety of services, such as public affairs strategy, which includes issue advocacy, campaign and coalition management, stakeholder engagement, legislative, and regulatory public affairs, as well as immersive research.

This is an excellent service for businesses that need to ask and answer important questions that are going to make their influencing activity a lot more sustainable and successful over time. A good public affairs strategy leads to growth and improved interactions and communication between a business and its stakeholders.

Kivvit also offers digital capabilities, including creative design, content development, social media, video production, creative design, advertising as well as data-driven analytics and targeting. All of these things are necessary for organizations and individuals who want to thrive in today’s world. Implementing these digital capabilities leads to success, but it means nothing if they are not implemented in the right way, by using data-driven analytics and targeting.

Additionally, it offers brand positioning services, including branding, public affairs, risk management, strategic consulting, and startup incubation. Whether a business wants to refocus or a startup is looking for direction, these are the most helpful services as they provide focus and direction and ensure that all of the content is consistent across the board. Without brand positioning, a business is going to look aimless and lost without a cause to support or even a market to focus on.

Finally, Kivvit also offers media and public relations services such as crisis communications, earned and paid media advertising, rapid response, message development along with opinion research, media training, and executive positioning. All of these services are crucial to the reputation of any brand or corporation and are the center of any sort of public relations work.

Kivvit works with clients across different industries, including media and communications, technology and innovation, transportation and infrastructure, energy, natural resources and utilities, labor and not for profit, financial services, real estate, sports, health and life science, law firms, retail, and education. Some of the firm’s clients include Google, Volta Energy Technologies, Reach NJ, NY Ballot Initiative: New Yorkers Against Corruption, University of Chicago Medicine, and Wynwood Business Improvement District.

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