The McGraw Agency: Agency Profile

Founded in 2011, The McGraw Agency, with headquarters based in New York City, is a full-service boutique communications and marketing firm. The firm specialized in creative campaigns and media relations programs for home furnishing brands and design firms, ranging in different practices areas from interior design and architecture to retail, e-commerce, and more.

It’s most well-known for having a hands-on and results-oriented approach, and this agency prides itself on offering personalized services to its clients, unlike many other firms. Michael McGraw, the founder and the principal of the agency, leads every single account at the firm and is assisted by the talented team of PR pros onboard the agency.

Michael McGraw has deep relationships with the home, design, art, retail, lifestyle, and hard news industries. Being a media relations expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry, can create campaigns and media relations programs that cater to clients’ needs.

Even after 20 years in the public relations industry, McGraw still gets excited by seeing his clients’ works on websites, magazines, or newspapers, thanks to his agency’s media campaigns. The McGraw Agency can help both brands and corporations capture their unique value and create messages for the public that are going to be clear, concise, and compelling.

The agency also provides its clients with oversight into the look, feel, and design of all of the content created for a campaign that’s going to be presented to the public. During a time when many businesses and individuals are eager to share their own stories and create content, The Mcgraw Agency has a unique way of helping their clients create excellent content in a short timespan, distribute it on various platforms, and then engage with the client’s target audience, to really make the campaign successful.

With the various capabilities at The McGraw Agency, businesses, brands, and corporations can keep all of their media channels frequently updated and have their audiences engaged with attractive and valuable content. Additionally, with the excellent media relations, this agency can help clients get placements in different leading mainstream or specialty outlets that will help the business hone in on their voice and establish them as an authority within their industry.

The McGraw Agency also oversees any partnerships with media organizations that the clients might need, design and deliver different types of content for the clients, and consistently collaborates with top-tier outlets that have the best placements clients.

Some of the clients on the roster of The McGraw Agency include the home furnishing brands STARK Carpet, Luxury Living Group, the design firm Drake/Anderson, the home and design publications House Beautiful and VERANDA. The architect Blaze Makoid, the interior design firms Megan Winters, Laura Burleson, Lichten Craig, Brett Beldock, Barrie Benson, and many others.

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