This Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks to identify a design firm to partner with the Ackland Art Museum at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to collaborate with the following initiatives:

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Website Redesign

To these ends, we invite you to submit a proposal and portfolio detailing your agency’s services and capabilities. Please include line item estimates for services provided.

Our motto is “look close, think far.” This project is conditional upon funding with an estimated project start range from March, 2018 – September, 2018.

Scope of work:

  • Project the Ackland’s brand strategy and, in doing so, build a strong brand, creating more visibility and awareness
  • Differentiate the Ackland’s services and its offer from other art museums and cultural institutions on a local, national, and global stage
  • Establish a visual language which will work across all different media, and includes:

o Websites

o Social media

o General print collateral (e.g. rack cards at visitor centers)

o Print and digital advertisements

o Posters and fliers (e.g. for public programs, special events)

o Exhibition-specific print collateral (e.g. postcards, mailed announcements)

o Stationery (e.g. letterhead, annual fund letter, business cards)

o External wayfinding signage and public communications (e.g. front door, hours signage, connected passageways to Hanes Art Center)

o Internal wayfinding signage and public communications (e.g. gallery numbers, maps)

o Exhibition graphics and labels

o Trade fair/presentation materials (e.g. tablecloths, vertical banners/flags)

o Merchandise – giveaway (e.g. pens, stickers, buttons, t-shirts)

o Merchandise – for sale in Store (e.g. t-shirts, calendars, postcards)

o Membership materials

o Fundraising materials

o Store communications, including point of sale and advertising

o Student Friends of the Ackland logo – official affiliated student organization

  • In addition to a general visual identity, establish a look-feel for the Ackland’s 60th Birthday celebration, including events, programs, and exhibition (Sept 2018-Sept 2019)
  • Have enough personality to drive marketing, fundraising and other campaigns
  • Inform broader creative decisions, such as exhibition design, color schemes, choice of lobby furniture, etc.
  • Take into account the demographic profile of the target audiences The Ackland’s new website needs to:
  • Clearly communicate the mission and brand of the Ackland through visuals, text, and overall appearance
  • Be easily navigable
  • Include a dynamic, easy-to-use calendar of public programs and events that is searchable by a number of categories
  • Have a robust collection-search function that includes sign-in capabilities and the ability to save the user’s information, choices, etc.


[The objective(s) should reflect what the Vendor must accomplish. List specific objectives to be achieved by this project or effort.]

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Visual Identity Design
  • Website Redesign

Due Date:

April 28th, 2018


104 Airport Drive Suite 2700

Chapel Hill,NC 27599-1100

PR firms with educational experience includes Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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