Bluechip Communication: PR Company Profile

Bluechip Communication was founded back in 2004 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. This is a business that was founded with the goal of filling the gap in the Australian financial services industry, for marketing problem solvers and PR specialists that had the ability to truly understand and deliver for their clients, and also had deep industry expertise.

After three years of its inception, Bluechip Communication was recognized as a BRW Gast Starter. These days, the business has a client net promoter score of over 90%. Although the main services that Bluechip Communication provides are through leadership, as well as public relations, with the increase of digital technologies and social media use, they decided to make a significant investment.

This led to Bluechip Communication becoming one of the first bloggers at industry conferences and placed the business as a leader in online dialogue, which, these days, is essential in reaching industry stakeholders. With that significant investment, the business managed to build online reputation management skills, which proved to be essential for delivering leads to their clients.

Bluechip Communication uses an integrated PR and marketing approach that can solve its clients’ problems, whether they are about reputation risk, profile, positioning, or any growth aspirations that the client may have.

The business offers a variety of services, including strategic public relations, which are aimed at raising the profile and positioning of a brand both with stakeholders and the media; reputation risk management, for preventing crises, managing issues and rebuilding a client’s reputation; and insight-driven marketing, which grows the client’s revenue and increases the audience reach and influence.

Bluechip Communication has a delicate methodology for working which starts with a Discovery stage. At this stage, the team on-board Bluechip Communication immerses itself in the client’s world, by auditing the existing plans as well as all the messages, in order to identify any opportunities or challenges for the client.

The next stage is the Blueprint stage, where the team uses everything it has learned from the previous stage and identifies and strategically prioritizes any initiatives across all of the available channels that are going to create the best outcomes for the client’s business, while also driving ROI. After the strategy is delivered, the client has the option of executing it on their own or to work with Bluechip Communication who is going to execute it for the client.

Finally, the last one is the Execution stage, where Bluechip Communication uses the strategies from the Blueprint stage to help its client execute the plan and to best practice implementation standards. What this means is that Bluechip Communication builds its clients an always-on communication machine and then implements the ongoing strategies to fuel that machine, while constantly measuring the results in order to develop the best possible approach.

Bluechip Communication has worked with plenty of clients in helping them achieve their PR goals, including Canstar, AMIST, the Financial Services Council (FSC), and many others.

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