Clyde Group: PR Company Profile

Clyde Group: PR Company Profile

Founded in 2014, Clyde Group is a communications and public affairs agency located in Washington, DC. This is an agency that advises start-ups, advocacy groups, big non-profits as well as global corporations. Clyde Group works to build, protect, and enhance businesses, engage their stakeholders and customers, and help the clients navigate any type of complex situation with the public.

The full-service agency prides itself in being able to take on communication challenges from any field, and the organizations that they work with value the agency’s ability to explore each of their business in detail, and then deliver outstanding results. That’s why Clyde Group has been recognized as one of America’s best boutique agencies multiple times. Clyde Group has been awarded Best Small Agency as well as Best New Agency by Bulldog Awards and has been a finalist for PR Week’s Outstanding Boutique Agency of the Year several times.

Some of the services that Clyde Group offers its clients include public affairs, which entails understanding how to best help organizations and corporations in achieving their legislative, policy, regulatory, or legal goals. All of this is done by shaping various strategies around relevant influencers or decision-makers. They provide media relations services, where the agency embraces the timeless PR approach of building relationships and targeted pitching. Clyde Group believes that it’s important for the agency to be familiar with the reporters they frequently communicate with and customize all of their pitches in order to get the best results.

The agency also brings all of their issues management experience to its clients, in order to help them protect and rebuild their reputations, while also having an easier time navigating around any sensitive issues. There is a rapid response team at Clyde Group, which is always on call during any critical moment for a client, so the team and the client are always ready to address any challenges or crises as they arise.

Furthermore, the agency offers full-service content strategy services, as well as development services to the clients. Clyde Group creates anything from comprehensive content bureaus to highly target content deployment, and the team onboard the agency perfectly handles any form of social, written, graphic, or digital content. In addition to that, the Clyde Group also provides social and digital media services, which include a full-service digital strategy as well as content services. This way, any client the agency works with will be sure that their messages will reach the right target audience and build lasting engagement with it, while also achieving the desired results.

Additionally, Clyde Group also offers clients corporate identity services, which is often a valuable asset for any organization. That’s why the agency specializes in building consensus among the essential stakeholders for any corporation, via external and internal communication strategies. This way, Clyde Group helps businesses in driving purchases or user engagement and creates industry narratives that align the business’ values through corporate social responsibility.

Clyde Group has worked with organizations from various industries, including the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, the Navy Federal Credit Union, the Strada Education Network, Entertainment Software Association, the Special Olympics – D.C. and also the United Nations Foundation among others.

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