Public Relations/Advertising Firm Issued By USAID

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is seeking the services of a Public Relations/Advertising Firm to perform outreach support services to provide products and services to assist USAID/BiH’s development outreach.


These services will help raise awareness among the general BiH population of how USAID is assisting BiH address its development challenges, in particular those presented by COVID-19 and also improve awareness of the USAID response to the 

Scope of Work:

1. Production of videos: o Creative concept: The contractor will be expected to work with USAID’s Development Outreach Communication specialist to design innovative short videos that will highlight the contributions of USAID/BiH and its projects to BiH economic and social development and well-being. USAID anticipates a 60-second video that will be produced once per week for a total of 12 videos, as well as two longer, of up to 10 minutes videos. The contractor will have to be creative in offering ideas on how the short videos will explain USAID’s work and accomplishments.

o Production: After designing the video, the contractor will be responsible for script writing, filming, animation, music, and editing as well as all postproduction work. All videos must be bilingual – English and local – and adapted for people with hearing impairments (Close Caption included).

o Distribution: The contractor will be responsible for locating optimal space for the video broadcasting, and, if possible, obtaining additional airtime for free. Short 60-sec video will be regularly posted on USAID/BiH social media platforms. The contractor is expected to secure organic amplification of videos. The longer 10-min video will be also shared on USAID/BiH as well USAID Washington social media platforms.

Contractor is expected to be additionally engaged to locate at least one free screening on appropriate public events (festivals, youth gathering, conferences, and similar) or local web platforms and TVs willing to broadcast success stories on country development with no airing costs invested.

2. Infographics and Pictograms: In collaboration with USAID DOC, the contractor will design and create textual messages and graphics for up to 10 infographics and/or pictograms that visually explain USAID’s activities. All infographic and pictograms must be bilingual, in English and local languages. 9

3. Media relations: At USAID’s direction, the contractor will create and share with the media, and secure publishing/highlighting of USAID-related press releases, stories, or other material. All written material must be prepared in both, English and local languages. Number: 25 

4. Social Media: The contractor will work with the USAID/BiH Development Outreach Coordinator to amplify the impact of USAID’s social media content and engage the public on the importance of USAID’s work in BiH. 

o Organic amplification: The contractor will use the free services and tools that social media platforms provide, including creating and posting status updates, interacting with followers, providing links, and images with captions to build a community of loyal USAID followers. Boosts number: 40

o Paid ads: The contractor will be responsible for boosting social media content, based on USAID promotional requests. Boosts number: 36

5. Photography: Provide a Photographer for coverage of USAID countrywide activities. To avoid additional travel costs, the selected company is expected to employ local photographers if an event is happening out of Sarajevo. USAID/BiH will inform the selected company where and which event requires photographer services at least 2 days in advance. Number: 20

5. Photography (See 2.2.5 above for Scope) Timeline for photo delivery: At least 4 selected and edited up to 2 hours after the event and the remaining best and edited photos via a cloud-based online platform (e.g. WeTransfer) -within 24 hours. 

2.4 USAID Oversight and Support The Contracting Officer will appoint a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) who will be responsible for reviewing, vetting, and approving all deliverables. USAID will assist with the logistics of posting success stories and media material on the USAID website. Depending on the complexity of the task, advance notice of events will generally be given to the award holder at least five to twenty business days in advance.

Due Date:

Jun 24, 2020 01:00 pm EDT


USAID/Bosnia and Herzegovina Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) Roberta C. Frasurea 1 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

Agencies worth considering for this include APCO Worldwide and Edelman PR.

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