Introducing: Bespoke Real Estate, King of the Hamptons

The Hamptons, part of the East Egg of Long Island, is known for its miles of glittering, sandy beaches, its status as a vacation spot for Manhattanites, and lavish real estate. For those seeking opulent, waterfront homes at an equally opulent price tag, there’s no better brokerage firm but Bespoke Real Estate.

Known for their client-focused approach tailored to $10M+ properties, Bespoke Real Estate is the first and only firm of its kind which has no independent agents. Their clients have access to an entire agency of niche specialists who are able to show them the finest homes currently on the market in the Hamptons.

What Makes Bespoke the King of the Hamptons?

Bespoke Real Estate holds over $1.6 billion in $10M+ properties on the Hamptons. They were ranked #1 in the $10M+ market segment on the Hamptons for the fourth year in a row in 2019. In the same year, they also facilitated the most exclusive, on-market sales for $10M+ properties out of 11 competing brokerages. In total, they exclusively represent more than 27% of the $10M+ inventory on the Hamptons, more than any other brokerage in the area.

To discover the pinnacle of $10M+ homes in the Hamptons, there is no better brokerage to turn to than Bespoke. Their spectacular Hamptons collection, with notable homes such as this $56MWainscott estate, speaks for itself.

The Bespoke Approach

Bespoke’s motto is: “To reimagine the future, we’re rewriting the rules.” Their business model is focused on innovation and an open flow of information through having no independent agents. This means that agents are solely focused on their clients, not on their commissions. As a dynamic, creative, and competitive firm, they are solely focused on the selling experience for clients.

Bespoke in the Media

Bespoke’s Featured Publications page is full of notable press attention, further reinforcing their position as King of the Hamptons.

New York Post

This New York Post article details the sale of a $42.9M waterfront mansion in Southampton. This exclusive listing from Bespoke features an infinity-edge pool with a pool house, a tennis court, and a private, ocean-facing terrace.


In February 2020, this Forbes article highlighted 13 ways real estate agents could attract younger homebuyers. The article featured 13 experts in the real estate industry, located both throughout the United States and internationally. Cody Vichinsky, Co-Founder of Bespoke, contributed the advice that agents should “prioritize their client’s unique needs.”

Wall Street Journal

Further reiterating the brokerage’s success, this piece in the Wall Street Journal details the sale of a $57.5M Southampton compound. The compound includes two French chateau-style homes spread across six acres. One home directly faces the ocean with its own heated pool and private beach.

Discover the King of the Hamptons

Visit the official Bespoke Real Estatewebsite to view their impressive Hamptons listings, media coverage, and properties for sale along the East Coast and in the Carribean. Find out how Bespoke is ushering in the new era in ultra-luxury real estate today.

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