Edelman PR Profile

Edelman PR Profile

Edelman is a well-known public relations and marketing firm with connections across the globe. Though the company began in the United Kingdom, they now have offices around the world, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to find their voice in a constantly evolving marketplace. Edelman PR is experts in helping organizations to promote, protect, and transform their brands while managing their reputation in the face of unpredictable trends.

Edelman PR is an independent PR company which means that they have the freedom to be constantly creative and innovative with their communication strategies. They pride themselves on their original thinking and unique approach to the communications world.

Edelman PR Leadership and Clients:

Edelman PR define themselves as a diverse team of branding, research, and reputation specialists who know how to make the most of the offline and digital landscapes. These experts are constantly improving their own reputation by driving award-winning creative programs and campaigns for their clients. They also have a lot of background knowledge when it comes to predicting customer trends and performing industry research.

Paul Myners is the chairman behind Edelman UK, and his various roles within the financial sector over the years have been helping him to implement a value-first approach for the business culture. Myners, along with the rest of the Edelman leadership team have used their knowledge of the current landscape, and their experience with government affairs, crisis management, and digital growth to support brands like Xbox, Microsoft, Knorr, Kellogg’s, and Heineken.

Edelman PR Perks:

One of the things that Edelman PR believes in most when it comes to launching and maintaining a successful PR company, is great culture. They feel that a strong team with plenty of leadership support is crucial to running any good company. Previous employees suggest that Edelman PR deliver strong workplace experiences with plenty of opportunities for growth and professional development.

Edelman PR Services:

Edelman PR takes a unique and highly focused approach to the services they offer their clients, all the way from finding celebrity partners for influencer programs, to creating advanced advertising campaigns and in-person events. Edelman PR considers themselves to be advocates for the brands they work with, as well as professional PR support. This means that they attempt to leverage the best possible marketing strategies across a range of different media options. Services include:

  • Digital content creation
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Thought leadership
  • Brand building and positioning

Getting a Job with Edelman PR:

Edelman PR are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and plenty of energy to join their team. People with a curious mind and a tendency to think outside of the box will fit in well here. Additionally, the brand prizes employees who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Those excited by the concept of working with a global brand like Edelman PR can check out their job offers online.

Edelman PR Miscellaneous:

Though Edelman PR excel in many areas they’re particularly good at connecting their clients with industry celebrities and experts to help boost their brand recognition and reputation. They work with a number of entertainment industries, talent agencies, and technology experts.

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