Hundred Stories: A Boutique PR Agency

Hundred Stories, a boutique, vertically integrated public relations agency based out of New York City, offers comprehensive services to a variety of luxury real estate and hospitality clients. Dedicated to building lasting value through authentic storytelling, Hundred Stories seeks to expand their services into new industries and new territories in the coming years.


Robin Dulch, a seasoned journalist and real estate agent, founded Hundred Stories PR in 2010. He was motivated to create a PR agency that was an all-in-one service provider with multiple capabilities, from social media marketing to crisis management, and everything in between.

In 2016, The Observer ranked Hundred Stories as a top PR agency on its annual PR Power List. Hundred Stories has also achieved industry-wide recognition through its sold-out conferences and talks, namely City of Tomorrow: Real Estate, Architecture and Design Summit.

Hundred Stories announced their expansion to London and Los Angeles in 2019, along with their development into new industries, such as art, philanthropy, and luxury goods. As their firm grows, Hundred Stories continues to be at the forefront of trends, issues, and conditions of their clients’ industries.

Hundred Stories PR Services

Hundred Stories provides their clients with holistic services, from social media to special events, in a personalized, boutique environment. See a sampling of their offered services below:

Consulting Services

Hundred Stories prides themselves on being an expert in their clients’ fields, whether they’re working with property owners or non-profit organizations. Clients who choose their consulting services can expect specific advice and insights to help grow their business.

Special Events

Hundred Stories has organized large conferences, project launches, and intimate get-togethers on behalf of their clients. This service is all-inclusive, from planning and advertising the event to ensuring the night goes off without a hitch.

Digital and Social Media

Social and digital media are becoming increasingly prevalent in business. Hundred Stories can transform a company’s social media into a platform where their customers can interact and engage with the brand online. Their creative team designs unique content proven to grow their following and their customer base.

Project and Company Launches

Hundred Stories has a plethora of project and company launches, from luxury hotels to art studios. No matter what situation a company is currently in, Hundred Stories can help them get to the launch phase.

City of Tomorrow 

City of Tomorrow, started in 2016, is a summit for innovators and notable figures in architecture, interior design, and real estate. This symposium invites conversations on provocative, timely topics and unites industry leaders, such as American architect Liz Diller, American real estate developer Harry Macklowe, and Polish-American architect and set designer Daniel Libeskind.

Featuring keynote speakers, interactive workshops, and expert panel discussions, City of Tomorrow attracts more than 2,000 global attendees each year who are committed to making a better, more creative world.

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