Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! Issues Marketing Services RFP


To acquire the services of a qualified local marketing firm to support the Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! marketing initiatives. Provide marketing, development of printed materials, ongoing and support of GLBMW! branding, social media expertise and guidance.


Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! (GLBMW) is one of 16 Michigan Works! Agencies in the State of Michigan, and one of about 550 similar agencies nationwide. Its annual operating budget of approximately $10,000,000.00 varies somewhat from year-to-year, and is made up of 20 to 30 separate federal and state grants. With a program staff of approximately 100 employed by three major contracted service providers, it operates five Michigan Works! Service Centers in Gratiot, Isabella, Saginaw, Midland and Bay Counties. In general, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! provides services to our business customers by reducing the time it takes for them to fill job openings with qualified candidates, by coordinating workforce development programs in the area, and by helping the local labor force improve skills required by businesses.

Scope of Work:

  1. Describe Planning and Content of Marketing Services
  2. Serve as GLBMW! expert advisor for the development and implementation of marketing strategies
  3. Develop a marketing plan focused on achieving GLBMW! marketing goals
  4. Create quarterly planning objectives and reporting for ensuring strategies are managed on brand and on budget and accountable
  5. Provide social media strategy development, content and execution
  6. Conduct market research as needed
  7. Conduct customer surveys as needed
  8. Provide strategic campaign support, including planning, development and execution; multi-channel outreach; and branded material development
  9. Describe Advertising Services
  10. Provide graphic design and content development for digital, print and collateral material as requested
  11. Provide expertise in all facets of advertising; print, radio, digital, and social
  12. Research and recommend advertising strategy for primary and secondary targets
  13. Support GLBMW! internal marketing needs by providing integrated templates
  14. Submit artwork as needed for campaign and media outreach
  15. Act as GLBMW! agent in procuring advertising or marketing items such as advertisements, pens, magnets, etc.
  16. Describe Creative Services
  17. Provide expertise in all aspects of creative development including but not limited to  the following.
  18. Video production for web, social media and broadcast
  19. Graphic design for print, web and social media, etc.

iii. Copyrighting for print, web, and social media, etc.

  1. Describe Branding Services
  2. Build greater awareness of Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! services and programs                                                 and position GLBMW! as the leader in talent in the region
  3. Advise on maintaining branding consistency
  4. Make recommendations on brand advancement
  5. Describe Social Media Marketing and Website Services
  6. Provide website design, development and content services as needed
  7. Provide social media strategy development, content and execution
  8. Develop and manage paid media buy, including but not limited to:
  9. Digital advertisement, including options for social media
  10. TV and radio PSAs

iii. Other traditional and social media channels as recommended for target demographics

  1. Provide expertise in execution and measurement of social media-driven content and campaigns.
  2. Assist with development of strategic social media messaging based on trends and new and unique developments in the workforce industry.
  3. Provide expertise creating visual and written content for all social media channels
  4. Describe Public Relations Services
  5. Manage public relations resources to accomplish the objectives as developed in marketing plan
  6. Provide expertise in public relations through the use of press releases to improve  awareness and advocacy of particular events and accomplishments
  7. Act as GLBMW! agent in assuring that it receives substantial and favorable media exposure

Due Date:

June 4


Ray Ogden

Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works

1409 Washington

Midland MI 48640

Candidates for this assignment could include Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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