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Profile of Padilla PR

Padilla is a communications company dedicated to growing, building and protecting brands around the world through a combination of advertising, public relations, social, and digital marketing strategies. They believe in helping their clients to connect with customers through meaningful campaigns and state of the art techniques.

Padilla PR is made up of 210 employee-owners who are all invested in the company. The business runs across six offices throughout the USA, and the employees within are partners, strategists, writers, media insiders, and storytellers.

Padilla PR Leadership and Clients:

A company that believes in bringing client stories to life through a combination of creativity and technology, Padilla works with a wide range of industries. Throughout the years, the company has built its specialties in the consumer services industry, as well as environmental sciences, agriculture, financial services, food and beverages, higher education, technology, health, and manufacturing.

Committed to working with clients of all shapes and sizes across a range of sectors, Padilla believes that every client is different and that the best communications strategies build on those differences. Their commitment to industry expertise helps them to grow and expand their client’s brands using a range of communication strategies across the integrated marketing spectrum. Clients include Joe Smith, Foodminds, and SMS Research Advisors.

Padilla PR Perks and Problems:

With more than 200 employees spread out across 6 offices, Padilla must be doing something right to keep drawing focus on the jobs they offer today’s PR experts. There are plenty of perks available to those considering working with this company, including a state of the art ESOP, and prime locations across the United States.

There’s a vibrant social culture within the business, as well as opportunities for career and professional development. Experts can also build a strong connection to the community through pro bono work and volunteerism. Padilla also offers dental, a 401k match system, and great health and dental insurance too.

Padilla PR Services:

Padilla offers a wide range of services to support their clients, ranging all the way from brand strategy and advertising to digital and web marketing, design, investor relations, and critical issue management. Other services include:

  • Market and corporate communications
  • Public relations
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Measurement analytics
  • Marketing technology
  • Social media management
  • Insights and research

Getting a Job with Padilla Public Relations:

Padilla believes that getting a job with them should be less about sitting in an office every day, and more about making the most of the creative energy of marketing and communications. While this business does have plenty of offices to visit, employees are also encouraged to work remotely too, so there are plenty of ways to get involved. For those interested in joining the team, Padilla frequently updates their job listings page.

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