APCO Worldwide Profile

Apco Worldwide Profile

APCO Worldwide is a global communication and stakeholder engagement strategy firm. This is a company dedicated to challenging conventional thought processes and inspiring movements that help clients to succeed in a complex and ever-evolving environment.

APCO Worldwide Leadership and Clients:

APCO Worldwide takes the “Worldwide” in their title to the next level with offices that span across Europe, the Middle East, America, Africa, and even Asia. The company specializes in solutions like market entry, strategic philanthropy, government relations, and corporate internal communications. They’re also particularly advanced when it comes to digital communications.

Working across sectors like energy and clean technology, consumer product and retail, healthcare, financial, technology, and more, APCO has built a reputation with companies around the globe. Some of their clients include Dolmio, Welltower, Alliance Healthcare, and eBay.

The leader behind APCO Worldwide is Margery Kraus, an executive chairman and founder that specializes in the art of public affairs, business consulting and communication. This is the woman responsible for founding APCO back in 1984, and she’s been pushing the business to achieve incredible things ever since.

APCO Worldwide Perks and Problems:

APCO prides itself on giving employees the chance to develop their own work experience with numerous opportunities to engage in challenging and varied work each day. There are multiple career development and progression options available, and the company rewards honest feedback and insights from their team.

Although the company does have a very fast paced environment to contend with many prior employees couldn’t find much to complain about in regard to their experience working there. The agency environment can be a very challenging one in all companies.

APCO Worldwide Services:

APCO Worldwide offers a full range of strategic communications, reputation management, public affairs, research and advocacy services for their customers. Their strategy and counsel are different from other providers in their industry because everything they do connects to the need for better stakeholder engagement. Services include crisis communication, digital marketing and social media, media relationship management, and merger management.

Getting a Job with APCO Worldwide:

APCO Worldwide is frequently searching for professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds to join their team. The company lists job opportunities on their website and many of the APCO offices around the world also offer internships to graduate students and college students who want to make the most of their education in public relations and communications.

APCO Worldwide Miscellaneous:

Ever since its founding in 1984, the APCO Worldwide company has offered business strategy services and stakeholder engagement solutions that deliver amazing impact for global clients. APCO’s board of directors and teamwork to ensure that APCO can offer inspiring council and support to every client.

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