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The Dershowitz Group – Founder & CoFounder

Toby Dershowitz is the founder and President of The Dershowitz Group. She has a long history of working with government, organizations, and individuals who work to fight terrorism through public policy. Their efforts are focused on research and getting information to decision makers when it comes to ways Western culture enables groups and governments actively working against us.

Before going into the private sector, Toby spent 14 years in DC as the spokesperson and Director of Media Relations at AIPAC, the Pro-Israel lobby. She then was the Managing Director at a firm she co-founded called Amlev Dershowitz Communications. She managed the firm for six years. During that time she grew Amlev Dershowitz so they represented 20 clients in countries around the world, including Japan, Israel, Russia, the Middle East, and the U.S. When she left there she formed The Dershowitz Group.

In Toby’s field, features can be ruffled – and she’s been described as “neoconservative”, yet for her clients is often considered neoeffective. In truth, there’s nothing new in conservatives (and many others) being concerned about our dollars funding terrorism. Nor is there anything new in those believing there might need to be some military involvement ultimately in this cause.

The Dershowitz Group – Areas of Focus

The Dershowitz Group specializes in diplomatic events, government relations, conferences, strategic planning, project management, and crisis management. The firm is strongly committed to bipartisanship and works closely with members of Congress, Congressional staff, and officials throughout the Executive Branch. They often help when rapid response research is needed and requested by officials.

Toby also serves as the Vice President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a DC-based advocacy group formed shortly after 9/11. This group was formed by philanthropists and policymakers to support the defense of democratic societies under assault by terrorism.

Ms. Dershowitz and Claire Landers co-authored Communicating with the Media: The Pro-Israel Activist’s Manual (1990), and was the author of The Reagan Administration and Israel (1987). Both volumes were published by AIPAC.

The Dershowitz Group is a firm doing big things and destined for continued success.

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