The Krupp Group: Agency Profile

In 2005, Cindy Krupp founded the boutique PR firm the Krupp Group. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, the Krupp Group offers high-end public relations services to global clients.

The firm offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to influencer marketing, digital strategy as well as VIP and celebrity dressing. Krupp Group works with brand partners to create and foster strong connections with the brand’s consumer base.

Krupp Group aims to build positive relationships with brand partners and dig up and place on display a unique story to that brand. They dedicate themselves to seamless collaboration between their branding partners to create a customized strategy that aligns with the brand and its goals. The agency has several key focus areas, starting with fashion. The agency also is fluent in and well known for work in the lifestyle, health and wellness, beauty, and travel arenas.

The main goal of the Krupp Group is to engage the consumer at multiple focal points of the day for brand partners. Whether it is on the way to a local coffee shop, on the runways at awards shows, or on universally known social media influencers, Krupp looks to create a meaningful contact point in a brand’s target consumer base.


The Krupp Group has had notable brand partners in the past and boasts a strong client list today. Some key clients of the firm include Alexis Bittar, Anita Ko, Intermix, Gilt, and Tumi. The Krupp group has run a wide range of campaigns for numerous clients and has appeared in globally-recognized publications with brand partners. Krupp prides itself on having grown exclusively through industry recommendations.

If you were to wonder how the Krupp Group clients have been nurtured by working with the firm, you would have to look no further than the agency website’s testimonials page. With glowing testimony from such clients as Erica Bloom from Erica Bloom Pilates and Lela Decker from Mother Denim, it is easy to see why so many brands have selected Krupp Group as the public relations agency of choice.


The Krupp Group offers a wide array of services, all tailor-made to provide the best consumer relationship for brand partners. By leveraging connections with several well-established influencers, Krupp can provide brand partners with not only AN influencer but the RIGHT influencer. With a specialized team of digital marketers, Krupp always has a pulse on the ever-changing and “always on” digital marketing landscape.

The agency works tirelessly to ensure that brand partners are always in the spotlight of digital media. Krupp also uses dedicated showrooms in New York and Los Angeles to provide personalized VIP and celebrity services. Krupp also utilizes an extensive network of celebrity contacts in various ways to ensure that brand partners are always on the list of top well-known brands.

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