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Hidden Mystery behind PR

2022-02-12 by EPR Staff

Public Relations has become an integral part of the world of any business today. While most companies in the past would only be concerned about the product they are selling and how to sell it more effectively, this is no longer the case, because things have changed a lot. Today, people are not only concerned about the quality of their products, but also about the quality of the services they provide. Public relations is meant to help brands build a strong and well-founded reputation. Its main goal is to increase the visibility of a particular brand, product, or service for... Read More >

What Are The Next Best PR Steps

2021-08-03 by EPR Staff

Last year when the pandemic started, many companies around the world decided to put their PR and marketing plans on pause, or even to bring them to a complete standstill. With the first lockdown introduced in March, some companies decided to put a stop to their promotional efforts, while others took the completely different approach of accelerating their PR efforts. Plenty of companies at the start of the pandemic  decided to take a protective approach by holding back on promotional and marketing efforts. This represented  an attempt on behalf of these companies to reduce their expenses. The goal of the... Read More >

M Booth Communications PR Agency

2021-05-01 by EPR Staff
M Booth PR: A NY PR Agency

M Booth Public Relations: M Booth NY PR Agency M Booth PR is a forward-thinking public relations agency that believes in taking an innovative approach to marketing and communications. The company refers to its employees as "Ideapreneurs", which means that each has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for creativity. With their custom approach to PR and communication strategies, M Booth make sure that their clients have the resources and guidance they need to make the most out of their position in the marketplace. [caption id="attachment_102576" align="alignleft" width="1582"] m booth pr[/caption] M Booth Leadership and Clients Specialists in the worlds... Read More >

Ten22: Healthcare Public Relations

2021-04-27 by EPR Staff

Founded in 2005, Agency Ten22 is a public relations, marketing, and strategic content firm with a focus on healthcare. The team at the firm helps healthcare IT companies to move into the spotlight with a personal approach, involving thought leadership and content creation. Healthcare companies that are looking to tell their success stories and are in need of media outreach can benefit from working with Agency Ten22, as the team at the firm has built strong relationships with prominent and relevant healthcare media outlets as well as trade associations, all of which are ideal for ongoing media coverage opportunities, for... Read More >

V2 Communications’ Profile Q & A

2021-03-05 by EPR Staff
v2 head 1

Today, a Q&A with V2 Communications’ founders & partners, Maura FitzGerald and Jean Serra. What led you to careers in PR? Jean: I fell into PR, plain and simple. I ended up getting a receptionist position at a regional ad agency with plans to transition into account management, but the agency had a PR department and so I started doing work for them. I really grew to love PR, as it gave me the opportunity to write creatively that wouldn’t have been afforded to me had I been on the advertising side. Maura: I worked as a reporter at a couple large... Read More >

2021 Marketing Predictions: Community, SEO & Content

2020-12-31 by EPR Staff
5 Trends That Are Guaranteed to Affect Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy 1200x630

Many different thoughts on what will be in marketing and public relations in 2021.  We interviewed a number of experts and people in the field on these issues, and here are their thoughts. “Marketing has traditionally been about audience building, but it’s starting to shift to “community building.” Instead of simply finding groups of people to advertise to, savvy marketers are building communities that connect like-minded people and warm up prospects. I expect this trend of community building to grow in the coming years because it is wildly effective,” said Colin Palfrey, Chief Marketing Officer of Majesty Coffee. “PR companies today need... Read More >

2021 Public Relations Trends: More Personal & Honest

2020-12-06 by EPR Staff
Emerging Trends in Modern Public Relations

What are going to be hot in public relations in 2021, what wont?  We asked some leading public relations experts and here are their thoughts. "PR trends are definitely going in the direction of being more personal, more honest, and more vulnerable than ever before. Consumers and audiences want to see the REAL people behind the curtain. Now more than ever, it's so important to be relatable with your messaging and connect on a personal, human level.... cookie-cutter slogans and jumping on popular trends isn't going to work anymore. It's all about showing up personally and vulnerable for your audience... Read More >

What President Biden Means for Public Relations Industry

2020-11-17 by EPR Staff

WILMINGTON, DE - SEPTEMBER 24: Democratic candidate for president, former Vice President Joe Biden makes remarks about the DNI Whistleblower Report as well as President Trumps ongoing abuse of power at the Hotel DuPont on September 24, 2019 in Wilmington, Delaware. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images) So Joe Biden is our next President - What are the implications for the public relations industry of a coming Biden administration? Shel Horowitz, an Award-winning author of 10 books including Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World said, “I see the Biden victory creating opportunities for smart PR practitioners. That it was not a... Read More >

What’s the Difference Between Public Relations and Marketing?

2020-09-16 by EPR Staff

The difference in the breadth and scope of work between these two has changed a lot over the past four or five decades. Before personal computers, cell phones and social media, the difference was simple. PR dealt with the news media and marketing handled advertising. PR people were charged with persuading the media to air and publish its press releases and portray a good reputation for a company or brand. Marketing produced and distributed flyers and ads in the newspaper, radio and television for the purpose of driving sales. Another difference was that marketing was usually a short term and... Read More >

Customer Loyalty by Generations

2020-09-14 by Ronn Torossian

“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated” is the first half of a quote by Ziad Abdelnour, Lebanese-born American financier. For many brands, customer loyalty can make a tremendous difference is how and whether that person’s friends and family follow the lead. But a survey in late 2019 by global marketing agency Merkle reveals how emotions and different generations play important roles. What’s Similar Although there are differences in how each generation responds to loyalty programs, a bond that binds them all is emotion. Brands that succeed in fulfilling consumer needs and emotions will foster loyal customers... Read More >

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