2021 Marketing Predictions: Community, SEO & Content

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Many different thoughts on what will be in marketing and public relations in 2021.  We interviewed a number of experts and people in the field on these issues, and here are their thoughts.

“Marketing has traditionally been about audience building, but it’s starting to shift to “community building.” Instead of simply finding groups of people to advertise to, savvy marketers are building communities that connect like-minded people and warm up prospects. I expect this trend of community building to grow in the coming years because it is wildly effective,” said Colin Palfrey, Chief Marketing Officer of Majesty Coffee.

“PR companies today need to understand SEO algorithms. SEO has become a hygiene factor for most companies. Any company that can afford to pay for PR will also want to see some SEO benefits from the service. PR services will never be obsolete because building and launching campaigns takes a lot of work. But in 2021 I expect more PR agencies to add SEO as part of their strategic framework,” said Ian Sells, CEO  & Founder at RebateKey.

Mika Kujapelto, CEO  & Founder of LaptopUnboxed said, “We will see more businesses training their employees in media content. They can use more employees to develop webinars and other training videos to discuss topics they excel in, so helping them with public speaking and establishing a professional demeanor on camera can help the business.  Most businesses can also utilize podcasts to reach customers since the pandemic has more people using it to get away from more visual media. It’s also a great way to reach more customers in 2021.

Businesses will communicate with their customers by using online communications like social media because this is where you can find your targeted customers. If you don’t have a website, social media presence, or other ways to reach your customers, your business can suffer in 2021.”

At Everything-PR we think it will be an excellent year and look forward to delivering top-notch content as the leading public relations news site.

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