What President Biden Means for Public Relations Industry

WILMINGTON, DE – SEPTEMBER 24: Democratic candidate for president, former Vice President Joe Biden makes remarks about the DNI Whistleblower Report as well as President Trumps ongoing abuse of power at the Hotel DuPont on September 24, 2019 in Wilmington, Delaware. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

So Joe Biden is our next President – What are the implications for the public relations industry of a coming Biden administration?

Shel Horowitz, an Award-winning author of 10 books including Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World said, “I see the Biden victory creating opportunities for smart PR practitioners. That it was not a landslide, that it did not sweep in a big Democratic Senate majority, that the party even lost ground in the House and in state legislatures shows a big hole in the Democratic Party: its lousy messaging. Dems need to get better at not just responding to Republican talking points (and certainly not in the wimpy, tail-between-legs ways they’ve tended to do so at least since Dukakis ran for president in 1988)–but at creating sticky, provocative message points of their own.

If they get bold with policy, that will be easier; it’s challenging to come up with strong memes for wishy-washy policy ideas.”

Notably, Horowitz has “been doing PR and marketing copywriting for progressive organizations and candidates as well as small business for more than four decades. One of my successes was writing all the press releases for a liberal Democrat who became the first woman mayor of Northampton, MA and went on to win three more terms. Another was a City Council candidate who unseated a long-serving incumbent by seven votes. And my greatest PR success was coordinating media for a group I started called Save the Mountain. I believe the 70+ media stories about us were a big part of why we won quickly and easily even after all the “experts” told us we could never stop the housing development we beat back in just over a year.”

David B. Grinberg, Founder, Grinberg Global PR said, “The implications of President-elect Biden on the PR industry will be restoring truth, transparency and factual accuracy to the dissemination of public information. This will be critically important to democracy following the failed Trump era of fake news, baseless conspiracy theories and countless lies.

PR firms which may benefit the most are those that focus on the priority public policy issues stated by President-elect Biden thus far, including: COVID-19 and health care; systemic racism and social justice; climate change and environmental justice; as well as economic and fiscal matters.”

Meanwhile, Bill Hughes of Business Allies Group LLC said, “It will be detrimental to all small business.   Each business owner will receive a huge tax increase!”

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