Growing PR Firm Launches Cannabis Practice Leading With Native Leaf Co’s First To MarketWhole-Leaf Hemp Wraps

Virgo-PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delight audiences and attract client/customer attention has been named PR Agency of Record for Native Leaf Co, a line of hemp leaf wraps handpicked from the cannabis plant – becoming the first and only company to offer a natural hemp wrap from cured hemp leaves.

Accessing these types of hemp leaves, known as fan leaves, has always been difficult for the everyday cannabis enthusiast as it involves growing the plant themselves – making it inaccessible for most. Creating wraps from fan leaves, which are typically discarded, makes the process completely sustainable. All of Native Leaf Co’s leaves undergo rigorous quality control testing, with each leaf inspected individually for proper condition and size. Native Leaf wraps are available in two styles – LUCY, a double-stacked hemp leaf sealed with organic plant glue for an easier rolling experience, and ABEL, a wide hemp leaf sealed with organic plant glue for the ability to add more cannabis. 

All Native Leaf kits include three leaves, a Boveda for optimal moisture content, three filters for a barrier of separation, organic plant glue to assist with sealing, a mini leaf for any patching needed for a preservative-free wrap, and hemp wick to prevent lighting directly with butane and changing the taste of the herb. Pricing and availability: Starts at $17.

“We’ve seen a huge trend throughout the pandemic around people caring more about what’s going into their bodies and overall wellness routines, why should smoking be any different?” said Mike Paffmann, VirgoPR CEO. “Our team is looking forward to working with Native Leaf Co and bringing their holistic experience to market and allowing people to smoke with more natural products.”

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