LinkedIn Recruiter, Vital for Social Recruitment Strategies

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LinkedIn Recruiter is not a mystery tool: recruiters from major companies like Nokia, Astreya, Intel, L’Oréal, PepsiCo, Sony, and many others are already using this “talent solution” to build a solid talent pipeline, cut recruiting costs, and reach out to higher-caliber candidates. The customer database using LinkedIn Recruiter is constantly growing.

A paid offer available to businesses, this service is part of LinkedIn continuous efforts to becoming the strongest network for recruiters and job hunters, rivaling employment websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed and others. LinkedIn is already considered among the best job searches websites in the world, and now aims to become the goto place for recruiters too, rivaling vendors like SmashFly, TalentBin, and Avature, to name a few.

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to synchronize team activities with shared projects, searches, profiles, and candidate notes.

LinkedIn Recruiter offers excellent advantages to businesses using it, giving them access to a wealth of reports and resources, some of which are not available without signup. Last week, the company published its Global Recruiting Trends 2013 featuring five important talent acquisition trends:

  • Social professional networks are increasingly impacting quality of hire (internet job boards are still at the top of the list of places to find jobs, with 37% but they are followed closely by social networks, at 36%, and recruitment agencies at 35%).
  • Employer branding is both a competitive threat and a competitive advantage (83% believe that employer brand has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent)
  • Data is used in making better hiring and branding decisions
  • Companies are investing in hiring internally to stop talent from walking out the door
  • Companies are figuring out the mobile recruiting terrain (87% are still not investing adequately in mobile, but 59% candidates are using mobile to learn about job opportunities)

Recruiting highly skilled talent is still the most important priority in Germany, for example, while India cares more about improving the quality of hire. There are even good news for job seekers, as hiring volumes increased:

“LinkedIn has been a vital part of our broader social recruitment strategy,” explains Richa Telang, Recruitment Channels Manager Greater Asia Region, Intel.

Intel is one of over 30 featured LinkedIn Recruiter clients, each sharing a case study with important insights in using this tool to effectively manage recruiting campaigns.

What LinkedIn Recruiter does, effectively, is putting a great management tool at your fingertips, to allow you to:

  • Build, track and manage talent you want to hire now or in the future with folders, reminders and smart to do lists, with LinkedIn’s Talent Pipeline.
  • Contact candidates through InMail ®, featuring message templates and one to many InMails.
  • Expand your searches beyond your personal connections to access the entire LinkedIn network.

Many recruiters are still counting on their personal connections to research talent. By giving access to the entire LinkedIn network, LinkedIn Recruiter eliminates the need to add new contacts, which expands a personal network to an unmanageable number of connections. A great advantage for busy HR managers, who also benefit from the excellent LinkedIn Talent Pipeline, where every lead is current – other CRM tools cannot keep up, as they don’t rely on real-time information. Information about each potential candidate stored in Pipeline updates as the specific user updates her/his profile.

The Pipeline doesn’t rely solely on LinkedIn profiles. Recruiters can also upload leads gathered in spreadsheets, folders and elsewhere, then organize everything in folders, tag, and manage effectively.

The list of advantages could go on. What’s important to note is that LinkedIn keeps a clear focus on the professional specific of the network, and continues to bring value to users through innovative new tools that better experiences.

DKC PR represents Linkedin as their Public Relations company.

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