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Zimmerman Agency Public Relations

Today we explore the emerging Tallahassee Florida Public Relations market through the lens of one Florida’s leading PR Firm: The Zimmerman Agency.

“Creating big ideas fueled by disruption” is The Zimmerman Agency’s proprietary planning strategy. Established in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987 by co-founder, President and Chief Disruption Officer, Curtis Zimmerman, the agency has become one of the most respected integrated marketing firms in the United States. The Zimmerman Agency operates on a client-specific platform of strategy, advertising, and public relations via digital, social, and data analytics.

Client Work and Efforts

Representing brand icons like Club Med, Hard Rock Hotel, Party City, and Marriott – the firm is not limited to a traditional PR agency strategy. Instead, it delivers results based on the specific needs of its clients with a purpose-built approach. The Zimmerman Agency’s “Disruption Planning” process motivates the firm’s creative team into researching the conventions of particular industries, clients, and all competitors in the marketplace. This is the firm’s launching point for a strategic plan to breathe life into a brand from any locale, in any medium, and with a sharp focus on every client’s mission with an ever-changing target audience and social media climate.

Challenging the Market with Disruption

The Zimmerman Agency uses disruption as a powerful tool to challenge conventionality that all too often hinders a business’s growth potential. This disruption planning process helps brands become absorbed in new target audiences through mediums bucking conventional wisdom, and in the process, gaining a larger share of the marketplace.

The Zimmerman Agency shapes the purchasing decisions of its clients’ target audience through “Media Arts” using the theory that any conduit of communication between a brand and its target customer is a form of media. The agency’s creative team crafts intelligent perspectives and engages full use of the Media Arts landscape through the most effective channels.

The Zimmerman Objective

Zimmerman is proud to say they bring the WOW to their work for clients. They meets with clients to work through strategies together by incorporating the goals and desires of the client with what Zimmerman can do to make it happen. As they say on their website,

“Others may define us as a marketing communications company, an ad agency, a PR firm, or even a provider of digital and social activation. And, still others are surprised by the level of analytics you will find here. But imagination is what we sell. And, our preference is to be seen as a creative company with a depth of resources to reach the audience on their terms with your message.”

Looking for a Job with Zimmerman?

There is a fairly high turnover in the office, so there are often opportunities. The turnover may have more to do with PR specialists wanting to move to bigger markets than with any problems in the firm. Tallahassee has a lot to offer, but upward mobility in PR isn’t currently a big job perk. However, from various employee reviews on Glassdoor, the good news is that Zimmerman offers a great work environment with diverse opportunities. Lots of different jobs to do and new things to learn, so if you are a PR person living in the area, or at the beginning of your career, this company may be the perfect fit for you.

Florida as Home Base

The prime location of The Zimmerman Agency in Tallahassee, Florida affords the agency the benefit of engaging an audience with an above-average standard of living. Data collected by the Census Bureau, federal, and state databases. Hundreds of data streams show Tallahassee is becoming a favorite area for relocation both during the period of working careers and retirement.

Tallahassee drives high in the rankings as a civic and social engagement community. The city scores well above average in voter turnout, transportation, and broadband Internet access. People around the United States seeking to relocate to a warmer climate in Florida find Tallahassee’s reputation for friendliness an attractive and inviting trait making the transition easier when contemplating such changes. That also bodes well for businesses based in the area, assuring a strong and happy workforce.

Tallahassee is known to welcome people and businesses from all backgrounds making it a diverse community and a great place for PR.

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