How to use emotional marketing online

emotional marketing strategy

One way to earn loyalty from customers is to build emotional relationships with them. According to a study conducted by psychologists from Princeton, first impressions are formed in less than a second. This does not affect the quality of decisions, on the other hand, first impressions are helpful as they save time. Hence, it is important to utilize those emotions formed within such a brief period of time to form long-lasting connections between customers and brands. To build emotional relationships online, some primary ingredients are needed, as stated below.

1) Information-  In a world of shrinking attention spans, the idea of loyalty may seem anachronistic. Surprisingly, retaining customers online by effectively building emotional connections is more important online than in more traditional avenues. A major reason why most businesses collect consumer information or data is to achieve a better understanding of the way customers behave online. This helps businesses identify the ways in which they can improve the overall customer experience. Information makes it easier for businesses to understand what customers want from a business, as well as the particular product or service they want, and how they prefer to interact with a given brand. This also helps businesses communicate effectively with target markets, and helps them modify their website for better user experiences.

2) Add content-  Content elevates the experience of browsing a site. Marketers should do research on what kind of content marketers yearn for. An effective idea would be to put a variety of content on the company’s website and see what draws responses from people. They could be product recommendations, chances to “ask-an-expert”, entertainment, access to a community or chat rooms, and customer testimonials and ratings. Gillette’s ad “ Perfect Isn’t Pretty” displayed the personal and professional struggles of various athletes that molded their strong characters.

3) Use customized messages – Businesses may be tempted to overdo communication with frequent messages and offers. The strategy may be a poor one. Not only is time wasted but the attention of customers might be distracted from the things that they truly value. Overcommunicating sends the message that a company does not care about the customers’ time. People look for businesses and products that understand what they value and that edit the world for them and present things in exciting and meaningful ways. This is what it means to use customized messages. The website of American Airlines is an example. It has rich media and content that outlines the history of the brand and its purpose. It also takes into account data like the type of vacation customers enjoy and the hotel chains they prefer. This understanding of its customers sends the right message to the right people at the right time.

4) Provide value – Consumers always look for a brand that steps out of the revenue-driving sales mindset, gets to know their needs, and responds with genuine value and real benefits. If a website offers compelling reasons to return, customers are delighted to offer loyalty. Gumption’s online store has a  fun vibe. Their website romances merchandise. That helps women feel more secure about their appearances and increases their self-esteem.

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