Predictions For Next Year: Influencers, Digital PR & Search….

What do marketers think is likely to happen in the new year in the world of marketing, digital publicity, influencers and more?

Megan Maguire, SVP East Coast PR, LEWIS  said that “Consumers want more authenticity from influencers. 2020 has shown us that consumers are deeply invested in who the influencers they follow are as people – beyond fashion tips or new recipes, consumers want to know that their favorite influencers are driven by the causes they care about or even their political beliefs. This means businesses must be especially careful in identifying influencers to represent them, making sure they’re vetting beyond reach and demographics, and looking at their passions and how they connect with their followers, to ensure they’re a fit for the brand.”

Maguire added, “Brands are increasingly seeking niche influencers to deliver content that’s fine-tuned to their consumers. Because many of these influencers fall within the micro-category – a crocheting expert or robot builder – the success of the partnership is driven by the influencer’s authentic point-of-view in a very specific category, as well as their close connection with their audience. And in many instances, these niche influencers can more valuable than those with millions of followers but no specific message. Brands looking to build reach should then also consider amplifying influencer posts with paid media or incorporating the influencer’s content into their website or social feed, to capture their unique voice without sacrificing reach.”

Alex Membrillo, CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency, a digital marketing agency said, “From a marketing standpoint, we expect emphasis on User Experience (UX) to continue to be a key factor in the customer journey.  UX is now having an impact on search algorithm results, making it more important than ever for not only helping to convert leads, but to be found online.

Semantic search is also something digital marketers will continue to prioritize as an expanding trend for 2021.  This includes optimizing based on how and why do your users search for your content? What answers, information, content, or even experience are your target audiences likely looking for? How can you create authoritative, enriching content to meet the demands of these prospects, customers, clients, and partners?

PR strategy will be impacted by semantic search, as it impacts the delivery of news and information to your audience. Additionally, PR will continue to expand beyond your traditional news and media outlets as consumers continue to use social media and other channels for receiving information.  Additionally, brands need to be very aware of “cancel culture” and how it could impact their company.  To be “canceled” on social media is to be collectively targeted for criticism or boycott. It’s online shaming, really. And in today’s age of mobile-enabled social media channels, almost any person, group, brand, or organization can be quickly and swiftly “canceled.”

Lots more on this issue to come at Everything-PR, the leading public relations news site.

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