Betcris Working with Soccer Sportstar Ronaldinho on Marketing

Betcris Working with Soccer Sportstar Ronaldinho on Marketing
Betcris Working with Soccer Sportstar Ronaldinho on Marketing

Betcris, one of the leading gambling platforms across Latin America has joined forces with the former FIFA player of the year Ronaldinho Gaucho, for a media creation event in Brazil that’s unlike anything that’s been done before.

The company was founded back in 1985 in Costa Rica. It became a pioneer in the online betting industry and, nowadays, is offering its online services to plenty of countries all over the globe. The company launched the online side of the business in 1998 while expanding the services that it offered.

Some of them included multi-player poker, virtual casino, as well as walk-in sports betting outlets around the world. Additionally, there are also over 100 Betcris walk-in shops in Latin America alone, and with Brazil working to embrace both online as well as retail gambling, Betcris has decided to expand its business into the Brazilian market.

Betcris asked the Brazillian soccer star Ronaldinho Gaucho to participate in the company’s marketing efforts aimed at social media platforms, along with the rest of the digital properties that the company manages. The company recently wrapped up the marketing video and photo shoots with the soccer star in Brazil.

According to Betcris, Ronaldinho will star in various video content, from 60-second spots to 10-second clips. Additionally, all of the content was designed in a way that would capture the beauty of Brazil, as well as highlight the significant role that Betcris has in the development of the gambling sector in Brazil.

This marketing operation, in particular, took place right before the popular carnival in Rio de Janeiro and was held within the city. The soccer star spent hours helping the production of the content, while the company captured footage for their online marketing campaigns, along with other forms of print marketing and banners.

Ronaldinho Gaucho, as he’s more commonly known, hails from Brazil and is a former professional soccer player and used to be the country’s ambassador for Barcelona. Back in the day, during his extensive career, he usually played as an attacking midfielder, playing upfront or on the wing.

Throughout most of his career in the sport, he played for various European clubs, such as Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, A.C. Milan and naturally, the national team of Brazil. He’s considered to be one of the best soccer players of his generation, and even of all time, as he was awarded two FIFA World Player of the Year awards for continuously showing his skills and creativity on the field.

In October last year, the company confirmed that the star was going to become the new face of their marketing campaigns that were aimed towards South America. The company stated that having Ronaldinho as the face of Betcris was a great victory as his worldwide status as a soccer superstar was unrivaled, and his potential to attract media attention was going to give the company quite an advantage in the online gambling industry.

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