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Competitive Edge: Edge Over the Competition

2019-10-21 by Aaron Sarno
Competitive Advantage

Establishing a competitive edge means turning the tables of the market into your businesses favor. Ensure the market forces favor your company is key to gaining an edge on the competition. With so many businesses competing for the customer's dollars and attention, each business has to work hard to set itself apart from its competitors. Whether they offer a unique product or service, or even if they've been in business for a long time, differentiating your product or service can mean the difference in low or no profits for your company. Being different doesn't always have to be unconventional in... Read More >

How to Get It Done Without Losing Your Mind

2018-08-30 by Aaron Sarno
How to Get It All Done Without Losing Your Mind

Ask any leader, and they will likely tell you they have more to do than they have time to do it. We have all kinds of metaphors to describe it: wearing lots of hats, too many irons in the fire, burning the candle at both ends … you understand, because you’re likely living it. The best managers increase their ability to handle greater responsibility, and they help the leaders working under them to develop these skills as well. But how do they do this? Understand that it’s not the end of the world if you occasionally drop some balls. You... Read More >

KCSA Strategic Communications: A Subpar Firm

2018-05-30 by Aaron Sarno
KCSA Strategic Communications

KCSA Strategic Communications Privately held and publicly known – KCSA Strategic Communications brings decades of experience to their client’s table – unfortunately it is a firm mired in mediocracy.  Small thinking, very large client and staff turnover.  This isn’t a good agency. Founded in 1969, KCSA has nearly 50-years of experience in PR. KCSA specializes in providing assistance with public relations, investor relations, brand marketing, social media and mobile support. The firm mainly serves with the sciences, finance, professional services, and technology sectors. Headquartered in the Big Apple, KCSA runs its show in the mecca of big businesses with big... Read More >

Ken Kurson on How to Be a Strong Leader

2018-03-16 by Aaron Sarno

One of the best signs of a good leader is how well they can effectively train new leaders within their organization, as well as how well they develop the leaders they already have on the team. Most companies say they have a training and development program, but how often are those protocols measured, and what happens if they’re found lacking? These are questions all CEOs must answer if they want to build a team that can lead in today’s fast-moving, quick-changing marketplace. Ken Kurson - Leadership Thoughts We recently spoke on this issue with a strong leader, Ken Kurson a Senior Managing... Read More >

Essential Metrics to Measure Success

2017-08-24 by Aaron Sarno
Essential Metrics to Measure Initial Success

To get anywhere you have to start heading in the right direction and to build anything, you must have a firm foundation. Makes sense, right? Then why do so many young entrepreneurs and startup businesses pay so little attention to key early metrics when they’re just getting started? Is it hubris? Do we think “it can’t happen to me” so we ignore the facts? Who knows. What we can know is whether or not we’re being honest with ourselves as we build our businesses. Have we addressed these concerns, and are we building our dreams in such a way that... Read More >

What Does Your Vision Communicate About You?

2017-07-07 by Aaron Sarno
What Does Your Vision Communicate About You?

Public relations should be a key part of any working vision, regardless if you’re a for-profit, not-for-profit or a volunteer organization. Despite what people sometimes assume, PR is not just about messaging. Sure, that plays a major role in the process, but it’s not the only concern. Your vision – and how you live it out – tells people quite a lot about who you are and what you’re really all about. First and foremost, your vision communicates what’s really important to you. When you consider what you will allocate for your marketing and advertising budgets, how much of what... Read More >

Reworking a Business’ PR Plan

2017-07-02 by Aaron Sarno
Reworking a Business’ PR Plan

Even when a business has a successful PR plan in place, it’s never a bad thing to review and think of ways to improve or even switch it all around. Sooner or later, people stop hearing and seeing something they’ve encountered many times before. Appearance Sometimes what works on a local or regional level doesn’t have enough pull to work on a larger scale and will need to be reviewed and revamped. A strong brand strategy becomes imperative when confronting a national market. One of the first steps is making certain your copy is not filled with typos, dull text,... Read More >

Digital And Search Engine Firm Needed In Michigan

2017-06-24 by Aaron Sarno
Digital And Search Engine Firm Needed In Michigan

Grand Rapids Community College has issued an RFP for Digital Advertising and Search Engine Marketing.  The chosen agency shall provide the communications department with a digital and search engine marketing campaign that will generate prospective student leads. Background At Grand Rapids Community College traditional classrooms have been transformed into state-of-the-art learning spaces. These learning spaces support the breadth of educational opportunities available at GRCC, including experiential learning, honors courses, seminars, workshops, training courses and online learning. Average class size is 22.9 students, and 92% of our faculty hold master’s or doctoral degrees. Also helping students achieve classroom success are such... Read More >

Denver Marketing Office Seeking PR Agency

2017-06-22 by Aaron Sarno
Denver Marketing Office Seeking PR Agency

The Denver Marketing Office (DMO) is seeking partnerships for strategic marketing and creative services in planning, managing, and implementing marketing campaigns for a wide variety of programs and initiatives throughout the City. The city is seeking firms who can also help to advance and elevate the City’s brand identity. Scope of Work: Provide consulting services related to planning, managing, facilitating, and implementing marketing and branding initiatives related to City departments, programs, projects, events, and citywide priorities. Provide project-based consulting, planning, strategy, advertising, copywriting, design, production, and marketing support. Maintain brand consistency and uniformity with the City and County of Denver’s... Read More >

Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority Issues RFP

2017-06-21 by Aaron Sarno
Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority Issues RFP

The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority has issued an RFP for Creative Marketing and Website Services . Background: The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, created in 1984 by the Virginia Acts of Assembly. The Authority board consists of the City Manager, the County Executive, and one private citizen appointed from the Charlottesville Albemarle Joint Airport Commission. The Commission is an advisory group consisting of seven members appointed by the Charlottesville City Council and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. The Authority owns and operates this non-hub airport which serves the greater Central Virginia region.... Read More >

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