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HARO’s Peter Shankman Classy Departure from Vocus

2018-06-04 by Almaz
Peter Shankman

"I can’t say enough good things about Vocus," writes Shankman in a classy departure note, that went public on his blog on Thursday. For those familiar with Vocus and its employees, Shankman's departure comes too soon after Frank Strong's exit, which went unannounced by official channels. Peter Shankman Leaving Vocus According to the note, Peter Shankman leaves Vocus to focus on new endeavors, including consulting for Fortune 50 companies, evangelist activities for established consumer brands, and even consulting for startups, and continuing with occasional consulting for Vocus. Although he didn't reveal specifics, he did mention some ideas for potential new... Read More >

Amazon Set to Build its Own Rainforest

2016-07-27 by Almaz
Amazon continues hiring blitz

Amazon plans to bring the jungle to its employees in the form of a greenhouse, open only to employees in downtown Seattle. The project will become home to thousands of plants, including several endangered species. Inside, Amazon plans to build tree-houses, connected by suspension bridges, which employees can use and explore. But why? Over the years, several studies on ergonomics and occupational health and safety imply that introducing plant life in the office helps improve the working environment, as well as employee happiness. So, to keep an edge on its competitors, Amazon is taking an unexpected route to enhance employee... Read More >

Western Nations Struggling to Sell Citizens on Security

2016-07-22 by Almaz
Western Nations Struggling to Sell Citizens on Security

After yet another very public attack in France, Western governments are scrambling to convince their citizens they are safe, and everything is under control. Even as combined military forces continue to barrage ISIS in Syria and Iraq, civilians at home have been terrorized by a string of very public mass murders. Government leaders have trotted out the usual placating noises, but that message is beginning to wear thin on folks who are tired of seeing carnage on the evening news and all over their social media feeds. The most recent attack, a driver ramming a stolen panel truck into a... Read More >

Catching up with PMK*BNC, Glover Park Group, Global Strategy Group, and Ketchum

2016-07-11 by Almaz
Ketchum Public Relations

Advisory Council of Excellence Added by AIM Sports Reputation Management Two things happening at AIM, first they are changing their name to one they feel better reflects their more global client base and expansion because they are covering all kinds of sports and sporting activities. They are now known as PN AIM Sports. And as their first act after the name change, they added an Advisory Council of Excellence (ACE). This group represents a variety of sports and communications people including those formerly associated with the NCAA and professional teams and sports media experts. Those named to the council include... Read More >

Political PR: Russia Has The Right To Tell Their Story on Iran Nuclear Deal

2016-05-07 by Almaz
russia today public relations

  In the aftermath of the admission from top Obama adviser Ben Rhodes that the administration essentially lied to the American public in creating an “echo chamber” of experts to sell the controversial Iran nuclear deal, the Kremlins propaganda arm, Russia Today is lashing out at European and American government funded media operations. We agree with Russia Today that the Russian government has the right to use modern day media methods to tell their side of the story. In today’s world controlling content is what smart countries, brands and people do.  In an op-ed published today, Russia Today notes “Eurocrats... Read More >

The Role of Apologizing in Crisis Management

2016-04-28 by Almaz
Public Relations Crisis

Saying “I’m sorry” after a terrible mishap in our private lives can seem like the most unpleasant experience. But saying sorry in the public arena? That’s even more nerve-wracking. An unsaid apology in the public sphere may not only spur hatred towards a public figure or brand, but it might also cost reputations and careers. Even when the public doesn’t believe for a moment the figure or brand feels an inkling of remorse, they expect an apology anyway, and it better sound sincere. It’s the first step towards making amends – and a necessary one. But how and when the... Read More >

The Role of PR in Politics

2016-02-29 by Almaz
PR Politics

The use of public relations always existed in politics, throughout history. In old Greece, public speaking became the staple of political life. In Rome, conquerors used rhetoric inspiring men to win wars. In France, revolutionists used the power of influencing the public to overthrow the monarchy. Even in England, Kings and Queens hired playwrights to write pieces showcasing them only as they wished the public to see. This more subtle form of PR remains popular in politics. For example, the current President and First Lady spend a lot of time working with popular media outlets to stay in touch with... Read More >

Hollywood, Clooney, and Coen Bros Face Diversity PR Controversy

2016-02-15 by Almaz
Oscars so White

The accolade-singularities Joel and Ethan Coen are playing it cool in the face of a recent PR mine. The trending #OscarsSoWhite is taking off in the eyes of a public. But they perceive the Coen Brothers’ new movie, Hail, Caesar! in a negative light. It seems a growing population is put off by the movie’s lack of diversity casting. In present day Hollywood, directors, writers, and actors know the importance of diverse representation in movies. Films about black lives like Straight Outta Compton and Creed received widespread recognition. Yet, all recognition went to only white writers of the former and... Read More >

PR Firms on a Roll

2016-02-12 by Almaz
PR Firms on a Roll

In spite of a slow economic recovery, and the looming possibility of China’s economic crash, many companies did more than just survive the year – they thrived. In public relations, Zimmerman, Next Fifteen, MSLGroup, and Porter Novelli have started of the year with roaring success. Zimmerman Wins New Account with Restaurant Chain Florida based Zimmerman PR & advertising started 2016 with a bang, after closing out the prior year with a dozen new accounts in its portfolio. This achievement made 2015 the most successful year in the agency’s history, and it wasn’t by chance. The firm says it refocused energies... Read More >

Fraternities Turn to Good PR to Fix their Bad Reputations

2016-02-09 by Almaz
Fraternity PR

Over the years, we’ve heard the stories about fraternities – how many of them have been positive? So few, that possibly others may wonder why they continue. Yet, multiple fraternity (and sorority) houses are found on U.S. and other campuses. According to Greek History, “The first fraternity was founded at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA on December 5, 1776, when a group of students formed a secret society, which they called Phi Beta Kappa. The name of their organization came from the first initials of the Greek motto: Love of wisdom, guide of life.” Our world is very... Read More >

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