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Amazon Set to Build its Own Rainforest

Amazon continues hiring blitz

Amazon plans to bring the jungle to its employees in the form of a greenhouse, open only to employees in downtown Seattle. The project will become home to thousands of plants, including several endangered species. Inside, Amazon plans to build tree-houses, connected by suspension bridges, which … [Read more...]

The Role of Apologizing in Crisis Management

Public Relations Crisis

Saying “I’m sorry” after a terrible mishap in our private lives can seem like the most unpleasant experience. But saying sorry in the public arena? That’s even more nerve-wracking. An unsaid apology in the public sphere may not only spur hatred towards a public figure or brand, but it might also … [Read more...]

The Role of PR in Politics

PR Politics

The use of public relations always existed in politics, throughout history. In old Greece, public speaking became the staple of political life. In Rome, conquerors used rhetoric inspiring men to win wars. In France, revolutionists used the power of influencing the public to overthrow the … [Read more...]

PR Firms on a Roll

PR Firms on a Roll

In spite of a slow economic recovery, and the looming possibility of China’s economic crash, many companies did more than just survive the year – they thrived. In public relations, Zimmerman, Next Fifteen, MSLGroup, and Porter Novelli have started of the year with roaring success. Zimmerman … [Read more...]