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Crisis Communications PR: Who are the Top American Crisis Public Relations Firms

2020-10-29 by Jason Tannahill
Public Relations News

The best time to start a PR campaign is before trouble rears its head. Unfortunately, when a crisis arises, damage control in real-time is virtually impossible. Of course, big crisis can be handled professionally, and the firms below have developed a reputation for doing the impossible when it comes to crisis PR. Sitrick And Company Founded in 1989 by Michael S. Sitrick, Sitrick and Company is a national firm with offices in LA, New York, Chicago, and other major cities. Founder Mr. Sitrick has a reputation for handling a crisis, in fact, he wrote the book on it. Critically acclaimed,... Read More >

PR Firms for Authors: Book Launches, Publicity and More

2020-09-01 by Jason Tannahill
Best Book PR firms everything-pr

Do you need a PR firm or publicist for a book you’ve written? Generally book pr firms do not think outside of the box – and their retainers are 2 to 4 thousand dollars a month --- a bargain when looking at larger Public Relations companies, that might be able to produce more for a higher retainer. Smith Publicity Smith’s offices are in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They have been promoting books and authors since 1997. Over 2,000 authors and thousands of books have benefited from their help and experience. Most of the work they do is with self-published authors. They work with... Read More >

Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

2018-08-08 by Jason Tannahill
Kite Hill PR: Profile of Agency

Kite Hill is a technology specialty PR firm. The company takes a highly immersive and integrated approach to communications and marketing - delivering state of the art PR to a range of client campaigns. Through thought leadership, news-jacking and media relations, Kite Hill works alongside the media to build brand reputation. Kite Hill PR Leadership and Clients Kite Hill is the business led by Tiffany Guarnaccia - an innovative woman with more than a decade of experience in media relations for in-house and agency positions. Tiffany is one of PR News's women to watch in public relations and she has... Read More >

Hotwire PR Profile

2018-07-05 by Jason Tannahill
Hotwire PR Profile

The mission of Hotwire PR is to be the best company that their clients ever work with. In other words, this means offering state of the art experiences to everyone who comes through the Hotwire door. For Hotwire, offering incredible PR services means combining skills and technical talents with creativity, to ensure that clients get an experience they really enjoy, while also getting real results. Hotwire is a global agency that works across a combination of nine offices around the world to bring best-in-class communications to their clients on a day-to-day basis. Hotwire PR Leadership and Clients: Hotwire PR work... Read More >

Michael Sitrick: Why Join The Board Of A Penny-Stock Company?

2018-06-05 by Jason Tannahill
Michael Sitrick everything-pr

Oxis Biotech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oxis International Inc., is a company listed on the penny-stock market (SYMBOL) - it is currently trading at a $12 million market valuation and has minimal assets or revenues. It also has significant and rising short-term debt that could easily lead to massive dilution. So, it makes no sense to all of us at Everything-PR why Michael Sitrick of Sitrick & Company one of the world's leading crisis PR consultants joined the advisory board of this company. Surely, joining this tiny company won’t make his many big-time clients clamor to him for financial... Read More >

Richard Attias and Associates: a WPP Agency

2018-06-04 by Jason Tannahill
Richard Attias Associated Worldwide

Who is Richard Attias? Richard Attias is a Moroccan-born civil engineer with a Master’s degree in Mathematics. So he’s not the most likely candidate for becoming an event organizer, let alone one who has done so on a global scale. His working career actually started as a sales representative for IBM France, but within a few years he formed an events organizing agency during the 1990’s. His company produced various global events including those for IBM conventions, the Egypt Economic Development Conference for the Egyptian Government, and Boris Yeltsin's visit to France. In 1998, he sold part of his company... Read More >

Zimmerman Ad Agency – a Look Inside the Agency

2018-06-04 by Jason Tannahill
Zimmerman Agency PR

Today we explore the emerging Tallahassee Florida Public Relations market through the lens of one Florida's leading PR Firm: The Zimmerman Agency. “Creating big ideas fueled by disruption” is The Zimmerman Agency’s proprietary planning strategy. Established in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987 by co-founder, President and Chief Disruption Officer, Curtis Zimmerman, the agency has become one of the most respected integrated marketing firms in the United States. The Zimmerman Agency operates on a client-specific platform of strategy, advertising, and public relations via digital, social, and data analytics. Client Work and Efforts Representing brand icons like Club Med, Hard Rock Hotel, Party... Read More >

Airfoil Public Relations Downsizing & Relocating

2018-06-04 by Jason Tannahill
airfoil pr - public relations firm

About Airfoil Public Relations Airfoil Public Relations has been downsizing as it recovers from the loss of about 20 percent when Microsoft Enterprise Product Group ceased to be part of the Seattle software giant’s long-term plans. The Microsoft Enterprise was Airfoil’s main client.  Airfoil is a Public Relations Firm that originated in Detroit and specializes in technology, planning corporate strategies, and campaigns. As a result of the Microsoft loss, Airfoil has to move its offices from the Southfield Town Center location to the more urban location in Royal Oaks Detroit. In their Northern California location, their offices were moved over... Read More >

Beckerman PR: A New Jersey Mid-Size Independent

2018-06-03 by Jason Tannahill
Beckerman Logo

Who is Beckerman PR? Beckerman PR is an independent PR firm headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, with additional offices in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Michael Beckerman founded the firm in 1988 and continues as Chairman, but has turned over the day-to-day running of the firm to his partner, Keith Zakheim, CEO. Mr. Beckerman recently announced a new entrepreneurial endeavor, at The News Funnel, a website gathering all the news and information about real estate and presenting it in a personal fashion to members. But without joining the site you can still see real estate news happening in your... Read More >

Lewis Public Relations: Details on the Growth of Lewis PR Communications

2018-06-03 by Jason Tannahill
lewis pr

About Lewis Public Relations 2015 was a milestone year for the award-winning global communications agency Lewis PR  Communications. 20 years ago, Global Chairman and CEO Chris Lewis founded this cutting edge PR agency in London catapulting it into an international company reaching revenues of $61 million globally in 2014. Incredibly, when considering the firm’s acquisition of UK-based Purestone – a digital marketing firm – and EBA Communications in China, Lewis PR’s revenues are estimated to have increased 40 percent globally. Lewis PR has 28 locations spanning the UK, the U.S., the EMEA, the Asia Pacific and is regionally headquartered in... Read More >

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