Managers may be the heart of a company but how good is their health?  According to Gallup, which tracked more than 50,000 managers between 2014 and this year, not that well. Gallup’s five-year study, which asked over 500 questions, concluded that there were as many downsides, if not more, among managers, than plusses.  The bottom […]

Digital Marketing: Ins & Outs

The world of marketing has changed – digital media is part and parcel of any marketing agency.  What Is a Digital Marketing Agency? Digital marketing defines many ways to promote brands. It can be through technology via the internet and other devices such as mobile phones, billboards, digital signs, and displays and TVs. A digital […]

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Media

The process of hiring an SEO service agency might seem time-consuming and expensive but it is worth the effort. It attracts more clicks and research has shown that organic results are more trusted than purchased clickable adverts. However, businesses might still choose to combine both approaches as each has its own benefits. What industries need […]

Nike Cuts Ties with Amazon, but Will it Matter?


Recently, massive international sportswear brand, Nike, announced that the company ended its two-year relationship with online super-retailer Amazon. Under the deal, Nike sold its gear directly to the online retailer, allowing Amazon to stock and deliver Nike gear using Amazon’s popular Prime service of free next or same-day delivery. The end of the agreement marks […]


Small businesses in the know are already aware of FundKite and the business funding that it not only makes available year-round, but the speed, integrity, and service at which the firm operates.  FundKite, one of the quickest growing concerns in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry, began filling a critical funding void following an SBA report […]



There are a number of games many of us may have grown up with as kids that had an element of “freeze” in it.  However, when it comes to pensions, that’s a word that workers who are preparing for retirement don’t want to hear. GE was among the latest companies to announce a freeze on […]

After the Temporary Boom of the Holiday Season

While most merchants are prepping for the 2019 holiday season, they should also be thinking about next year.  And the thinking should not be as much about the 2020 holiday season but retaining current and any new customers they acquire. While holiday sales are important, building and retaining one’s customer base is critical to growing […]

David Steinberg and Zeta Global Move to Park Ave

David Steinberg and Zeta Global

New York remains the center of American and world technology. This is just as much true today as it ever has been in the past. One company knows this is the place to be if you’re going to make a splash. Under these circumstances, it’s no wonder that one highly valuable tech company continues to […]

Marketing Goals Should Be Measurable


The idea of measurable goals in marketing is hardly a foreign one. After all, marketing is a data-centric industry and with the advances of technology that enable marketers to track every metric imaginable setting goals is more possible than ever. Believe it or not, some businesses don’t set tangible goals periodically, which makes a marketing […]


In an earlier article, we discussed how to begin drafting a plan by identifying the primary and secondary spokespersons. Here is a presentation of the next steps. The top topics to focus on were identified earlier and the plan should center around them.  Continue by gathering all current and pertinent information about each subject and […]