How Businesses Get Noticed Organically

Paid search advertising is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies that stem from the pay-per-click model, which is used to guarantee businesses that they would get actual traffic to their websites and not just visibility. However, according to some recent studies, it seems that this … [Read more...]

Top 5 PR Trend Predictions From Ninico Communications


Today, an interview with Sarah Farrant, Head of Strategy at public relations agency NINICO Communications. What are five trends you see this year? “Podcasts: Easily my top pick. According to Infinite Dial 20, 55 percent—155 million—people in the United States listened to a podcast this year, … [Read more...]


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The STATE OF MONTANA, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation ("State") is seeking a communications agency. Scope of Work: The purpose of this RFP is to create a streamlined, actionable approach to providing communications among conservation districts and to the public about on-going … [Read more...]


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The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is the world's premier forum for African agriculture, bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. The AGRF is a multi-sector platform comprising of 26 … [Read more...]


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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals to establish a contract, through competitive negotiation, for marketing services and recruitment strategy development for the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) Program, as stated in this RFP … [Read more...]

2021 Marketing Predictions: Community, SEO & Content

5 Trends That Are Guaranteed to Affect Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy 1200x630

Many different thoughts on what will be in marketing and public relations in 2021.  We interviewed a number of experts and people in the field on these issues, and here are their thoughts. “Marketing has traditionally been about audience building, but it’s starting to shift to “community … [Read more...]

Bender Group Public Relations: Company Profile

Self-help author Deborah Day probably summed up Bender Group Public Relations’ philosophy best when she wrote, “Flexibility requires an open mind & a welcoming of new alternatives.” The firm was founded in 1995 by PR veteran Stacey Bender after she gave birth to her fourth child. Her other three … [Read more...]

Predictions For Marketing In Year To Come

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\ More marketing & PR experts we interviewed gave us more predictions. Mike Paffmann, CEO of Virgo PR says marketing of all forms will grow, noting “media will remain key, content marketing will continue to be important as will influencers. Many in the world of PR will see excellent years … [Read more...]