Financial PR

2021-11-30 by Jade Minh
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Financial services is a term which describes the offerings within the finance industry, including money management and digital banking technology. It addresses financial needs for individuals and corporations. Due to rapid changes in technology during the last decade, the industry is also undergoing a lot of changes. Financial PR is a specialist PR activity concerned with communicating to financial audiences and especially those who can impact share prices. Financial PR showcases relationships with investors. Some of the main activities of financial PR are PR activity surrounding flotation or IPO advice and major structural changes such as mergers and acquisitions. Given... Read More >

Public Relations RFP Issued By Morongo Band of Mission Indians

2021-11-27 by Jade Minh
morongo band of mission indians

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians (“MBMI”), a federally-recognized sovereign Indian Tribe, is seeking proposals from qualified companies to provide public relations and lobbying services, which attract positive attention to MBMI and its enterprises. MBMI would like to engage a firm or firms who provide public relations, lobbying, marketing, media planning; and provides an overall communication strategy that raises the visibility of the tribe and its footprint, in the community.  Applying firms may provide services in individual discipline – national lobbying, state lobbying, public relations, etc. – or in aggregate. MBMI is one of the largest single employers in Riverside... Read More >

Automating Marketing Tasks for Efficiency

2021-11-23 by Jade Minh
4 marketing tasks you should already be automating

Most marketers these days are very busy people, and although they might know which tasks they need to automate to free up some time, it still takes time to set up the automation process itself. Fortunately, that’s not always the case, and with the multitude of automation tools that are available to marketers these days, it’s easier than ever to streamline a workflow. Email Content Automation One of the most efficient segments of any marketing strategy that can benefit from automation is email marketing. One example of email automation is setting up automated emails that will deliver various content opt-ins... Read More >

Public Relations RFP Issued By South Carolina

2021-11-22 by Jade Minh
493367 coastal south carolina

The University of South Carolina is seeking qualified consultants with extensive experience in branding to assist the Office of Communications and Public Affairs and individual campuses, colleges, schools and administrative units with the implementation of university marketing and branding strategies, The University’s branding initiatives are led through the Office of Communications and Public Affairs Scope of Work: The University of South Carolina is committed to the implementation of integrated marketing communications and consistent brand strategies for the Columbia campus as well as the seven regional and comprehensive campuses in the USC system. The University is seeking qualified consultants with extensive... Read More >

OHIO University Issues Advertising RFP

2021-11-20 by Jade Minh
west green ohio university robert powell

Ohio University was chartered by the state of Ohio in 1804 and is the oldest university in the Northwest Territory. Located in the scenic Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, the University is the oldest of the 13 state-assisted universities in Ohio.  The main campus is in Athens, located in southeastern Ohio, about 75 miles from Columbus.  The enrollment on the main campus for fall semester 2021 is 24,652, including 995 students enrolled in the University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.  ELearning Programs enrolled 6,674 students.  The University had an additional 4,336 students on the Chillicothe, Eastern (St. Clairsville), Lancaster, Southern... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Regina Public Library

2021-11-19 by Jade Minh
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This Request for Proposal (the “RFP”) is an invitation by Regina Public Library (the “Library”) to prospective respondents to submit proposals for services typically provided by an advertising agency/agency of record. The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain a qualified and experienced service provider to provide marketing and communications support services for Regina Public Library, including creative, production, and media purchasing services. Background: Regina Public Library is a community gathering place where the joy of reading, discovery and lifelong learning is respected and encouraged. The programs, services, and supports we provide help to build a strong... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Page County Economic Development and Tourism

2021-11-09 by Jade Minh
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The Department is seeking a qualified advertising agency to develop the Page County brand, provide a variety of website services, and promote tourism to the area. The Department and the Page County Tourism Council (“Council”) oversees the production of a variety of marketing activities, including multimedia advertising, visitor publications and maps, cooperative programs, public relations, and tradeshows. These activities are designed to promote Page County to travelers, tourists, and local residents. For each of the following objectives, the Offeror should provide sufficient detail to prove capability and describe the strategies and quality controls that will be used. Please include examples... Read More >

Link Building and Digital PR Strategies

2021-11-08 by Jade Minh
link posting

Over the last few years, PR efforts and SEO have come together through link building, which is a great way for companies to get genuine backlinks from authoritative websites. When outlets have big audiences they tend to become picky about what they’re going to publish, which means companies must have a strong digital PR strategy if they want their press releases to stand out from the crowd and get published.  That also means companies should work toward getting backlinks organically and through editorial coverage instead of artificially building backlinks because Google values the former a lot more when ranking websites.  ... Read More >

Retailers preparing for the holiday season of 2021

2021-11-05 by Jade Minh
How Influencers Drive Holiday Shopping Sales 750x500 1

Last year digital engagement reached an all-time high, thereby impacting in-store shopping. Supply chain challenges may not always be within retailers’ control, but they can influence how customers engage and shop. Consumer shopping behavior continues to evolve in light of the pandemic. The pandemic is still very much present and will continue to shape the year ahead. According to the National Retail Federation, around 20%- 40% of the total annual sale for retailers takes place between November and December. Given below are a few ways in which retail businesses are preparing for the holiday season. 1) Online shopping option -... Read More >

Growing a Business With Public Relations

2021-10-26 by Jade Minh

Irrespective of the size, every business is looking for a piece of the publicity and media coverage pie. When it’s executed correctly, media coverage can generate plenty of benefits for practically any type of business, yet plenty of companies are still confused about the importance of PR campaigns. For example, plenty of companies believe that marketing and PR are one and the same. Although they have some similarities and can work well in tandem, they’re completely different communications efforts. When it comes to most businesses, it’s essential to regularly communicate with the target audience and to establish and maintain a... Read More >

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