Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story

Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores.  Start from the beginning, how did your career happen?  My career was a pure accident! I was working in production on an international TV show for E! and was put on a shoot that sent me on a trip with the show’s guest celebrity host and their publicist.  That […]

Stan Steinreich Of Steinreich Communications Q & A

Key Questions to Ask When Refreshing a PR Strategy

While many in the private sector are busy planning the physical aspects of re-opening their plants, shops and offices, Everything PR sat down with PR veteran Stan Steinreich do discuss the importance of brands reviewing and adapting their marketing and public relations strategies to reach a world left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Everything PR Q&A With CEO of Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Key Questions to Ask When Refreshing a PR Strategy

A Q & A with Guy Walsingham, CEO, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry ·         It’s fair to say it’s been a tricky quarter for all PR agencies. How has it been at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry? It’s certainly been an unusual time. Like businesses in all industries, we’ve had to adapt quickly, but our sector has been impacted less […]

Milk & Honey PR: PR Agency Profile

Milk & Honey PR is a public relations agency with offices in London and Sydney. They have been awarded the New Consultancy of the Year 2018 award by PRCA Dare Awards. This PR agency specializes in working with ambitious companies to continue their growth, and Milk & Honey PR helps them achieve those goals by […]

Marketing RFP Issued By World Health Organization

World Health Organization Seeks Communications Firm

Harmful use of alcohol related to cross-border alcohol marketing, advertising and promotional activities, including targeting youth and adolescents Purpose: To conduct a scoping review of the harmful use of alcohol related to cross-border alcohol marketing, advertising and promotional activities, including targeting youth and adolescents Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking offers for a […]

Company Overview: Nest Bedding, Inc.

nest bedding

Nest Bedding, Inc. specializes in furniture products that run the gamut. The company is headquartered on Concord Avenue in the town of Chico in northern California. Nest Bedding, Inc. has a staff of 50 team members and began operations in 2011.  Nest Bedding, Inc. supplies consumers with an array of choices when it comes to […]

Taxonomy, Economy. Who Cares?

CMOs looking to re-energize and even restart successful campaigns after the COVID-19 pandemic should be paying attention to taxonomy. Scientists’ definition of the word relates to the systematic categorization of plants and animals, based on their natural relationship with one another. In taxonomy, lions, tigers, leopards and even house cats would all be classified together.  […]

10 Things to Prepare Before Hiring a PR Firm

How PR Firms are changing

Hiring a PR firm is an important asset for many different companies, however, it’s important to have a few things in mind before making the decision on choosing the company. Before everything else, it’s important that the company and the PR firm have the right relationship and that both representatives, ideas, and achievements align. Set […]

PR News from 42West, 5WPR & Hotwire…

COVID-19 Relief in Hollywood Under the Paycheck Protection Program, the public relations agency 42West has received a $725,200 small business loan, according to a securities filing. The agency was acquired by Dolphin Entertainment back in 2017, which also owns a number of other entertainment marketing companies, such as The Door, a branding and marketing firm, […]

Public Relations Careers: Options, Job Titles, Descriptions

Making the right choice when it comes to a career path is a defining moment in anyone’s life. However, not everyone has an easy time making that decision, especially since a lot of people don’t know if they’ll end up liking a certain choice as they’ve never had any experience working in such a field. […]