Hundred Stories: A Boutique PR Agency

Hundred Stories, a boutique, vertically integrated public relations agency based out of New York City, offers comprehensive services to a variety of luxury real estate and hospitality clients. Dedicated to building lasting value through authentic storytelling, Hundred Stories seeks to expand their services into new industries and new territories in the coming years. History Robin […]

Becca PR: Elegant PR Agency


Becca PR is a creative communications agency where the goal is simple – ensure elegant public relations. Attention to detail is at the heart of Becca PR, which means the agency focuses on the little things that are seemingly invisible to most people.  Their onboard experts are great at finding the best stories and tailoring […]

Moxie Communications Group Profile


Moxie Communications Group is a full-service public relations agency that is capable of making challenger brands into household staples, as well as working with already-established brands and bringing them to the top of their respective industries. This public relations agency is here to help brands strategically build their profiles, as well as improve the visibility […]

Evolution Or Revolution


During the first and second industrial revolutions when manufacturing and industrialization were booming, leadership was pretty straightforward.  Leaders told their employees when, where and how to work.  Most leaders made all the decisions and relied on annual performance reviews to rate employees. Communications was one way and from the top down. Today’s reports about the values […]


5W Marketing

Predicting consumer behavior has slowly developed into its own separate industry. This means that gone are the days when companies would blindly gauge the interests of the masses and market to them accordingly. These days, brands need all available information regarding their consumers, their motivations, impulses, and thoughts. It’s the only way to really market […]

Polk & Company Focuses on Theatrical Clients

Polk & Company

When Matt Polk and Jessica Johnson co-founded the New York City-based public relations firm Polk & Company, they envisioned using their experience in non-profit and commercial endeavors, and press management to develop major campaigns for Broadway and those devoting their lives to theater. More than 20 years later, the firm has established itself by working […]

Jennifer Bett Communications Little Known PR Firm


In just five short years, Jennifer Bett Communications is growing into a leading media agency. This year, JBC claimed the impressive feat of being 42nd in the top 50 PR power list (four places higher than in 2018).  In today’s PR world, where multidimensional strategies are king, it means media agencies have to move away from […]

Magrino PR: A Profile Of A PR Agency

Magrino PR was founded in 1992, by Susan Magrino, who previously spent years working on her career at Crown Publishing. When Magrino first founded her company, she named it Susan Magrino Agency, but it was later renamed to Magrino PR. Throughout the years, Magrino PR has become a leading full-service public relations company, working not […]

Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency?

digital gurus

Choosing a good digital marketing agency isnt easy. Here are important factors to look out for: ●     Needs and Budget ○    A company needs to first well describe its needs before meeting with an agency. Factors to be kept in mind include SEO, graphic design, and website. ●     Transparency of An Agency ○    A reputable agency should have a […]

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies

Tricks for Launching Influencer Marketing Campaigns

These days, there are practically more companies out into the world than there are people. And they are all connected somehow. But today we’re going to talk about what connects a popular brand to the influencers that promote the same brand when we open up a social media platform and see one of those posts. […]