What’s in a Trademark? Protecting Your Brand and Business

One of the less glamorous, but no less important, parts of becoming an entrepreneur is acquainting yourself with a host of rules, practices, and terminology that make up the backbone of your business. One of these elements is trademarks: what is a trademark, what parts of your business can you trademark, and what stage of […]

City of Columbus Issues Marketing RFP

The contract resulting from this bid proposal will provide branding and messaging for maternal child health home visiting services. CelebrateOne will provide background, available research, and access to local home visiting providers. Bidders are required to show experience in providing similar branding and messaging as detailed in these specifications. Prenatal Home visiting is delivered in […]

Awards, Expansion, and News from the Public Relations World

Public relations professionals are tasked with staying abreast not only of the latest happenings within their own clients’ realm, but also the news headlines from around the industry as a whole. These headlines are often harbingers of shifts within the industry or are simply a way to keep tabs on competitors and prospective clients. In […]