Digital RFP Issued By Stockton University

2021-10-01 by Jim Crickell
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The University is a public institution of higher education organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey with a current enrollment of approximately 9,900 students. The University is a distinguished University of arts, sciences and professional studies and is known for exceptional program offerings and an interdisciplinary approach to learning, providing students with a diverse, high-quality education. The University’s main facilities are located on a 1,600-acre campus in Galloway, New Jersey. The University also has instructional sites in Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties which provide a range of academic offerings, from continuing education to undergraduate and graduate-level... Read More >

Get to Know Ditto PR

2021-10-01 by Jim Crickell

Ditto PR is a communications organization that works on execution, strategy, and impact. The company was founded in 2012 and is a public relations and communication organization. Ditto started out as a communication and media relations firm but has since expanded its portfolio to include marketing and digital strategy, and content creation. The reason for this is to enable clients to enjoy the full set of services that they need under one roof in an integrated way. Ditto PR’s approach is to help clients deliver the results they need by accumulating expert knowledge in their industry. They do this with... Read More >

Seasonal advertising

2021-09-28 by Jim Crickell

A lot of businesses capitalize on seasonal marketing opportunities. There are always new events that people are encouraged to celebrate. Holidays and cultural events do provide opportunities to boost sales for big and small businesses alike. Given below are a list of advantages of seasonal marketing. 1) Driving traffic - To acquire committed customers, a bridge is required between satisfaction and loyalty. Certain times of the year are ideal to tap into the audience's emotions like love, pride and joy. To meet the most relevant needs at the right time can bring in more traffic. During seasonal holidays, purchases revolve around finding... Read More >

Amazon Reveals Plan to Hire 55,000 Workers Globally

2021-09-26 by Jim Crickell

Retail and tech giant Amazon has revealed its plan to recruit 55,000 workers to join its technology and corporate divisions across the world in a few months. Andy Jassy, Amazon's Chief Executive, announced the new recruitment drive during  an interview with Reuters. The drive is the retail organization's first move to hire so many workers under Andy Jassy. Amazon had already grown its staff in 2020, when its workforce exceeded 1.3 million. The company now needs even more workers to support its recent expansion drive. This new recruitment push is the way forward for the company. The new workers will... Read More >

Real Estate Companies and PR

2021-09-23 by Jim Crickell
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Most professionals in the real estate industry already understand how important marketing a business is, because the housing market is already challenging industry. This is especially true for realtors who are just starting out and who are looking to improve their real estate sales. Additionally, because the entire market depends on a large number of different factors-- from interest rates to job growth to economic conditions-- it's not easy for real estate agencies or realtors to make a specific forecast for the future of the market. Nevertheless, realtors should have an understanding that their ultimate goal is to market themselves... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Wichita State University

2021-09-22 by Jim Crickell

The PPMC at Wichita State University is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with the public and private sectors to conduct research, evaluation, training, and community development. Our Purpose Enhancing public service to best serve your community. Our Commitment Provide Unbiased Information: We are data-driven. We believe good information helps you provide the best services to your community. Use Resources Wisely: We know financial and human resources are limited. We utilize resources to best serve your organization. Ensure Diverse Perspectives: We include a multitude of voices and sources. We believe diversity in all forms makes organizations and communities stronger. Elevate... Read More >

Tips on Businesses Looking to Get Free Publicity

2021-09-22 by Jim Crickell
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giant bullhorn Brands and corporations have separate budgets for working on big marketing and public relations campaigns, which is not always available to smaller businesses. Fortunately, there are some ways for businesses to get more publicity and free promotion without spending a lot of time and money . Small businesses should start working on their promotional efforts as soon as possible instead of waiting around for the right opportunity to strike or until they have a big enough budget to pursue promotional efforts. Companies that avoid pursuing publicity from the very beginning end up missing out big-time. This is because... Read More >

Public Relations RFP Issued By Cincinnati Public Schools

2021-09-21 by Jim Crickell
Cincinnati Public Schools Issues Public Relations RFP

The Cincinnati City School District (CPS) is seeking suppliers to provide a Public Relations and Marketing Firm to support the design and writing of marketing materials and advertisements to promote the image and the district's initiatives and demographics. The Cincinnati City School District, also known as Cincinnati Public Schools (hereinafter also referred to as “CPS”), serves about thirty-six thousand (36,000) students in over sixty (60) schools spread across a ninety-one (91) square mile district in southwest Ohio. CPS is greater Cincinnati's largest school district and Ohio is third largest. The Cincinnati Public Schools Strategic Plan “A Road-map to Destination Cincinnati... Read More >

Communications RFP Issued By The University of Oklahoma

2021-09-16 by Jim Crickell

The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma is seeking: Vendors to provide a comprehensive, strategic, creative dynamic effort to provide world class communications with the implementation of new projects and services, including: marketing, media and public relations, web communications and interactive/social media. Scope of Work: The successful vendor(s) shall: i. Be a full-service communication company or boutique agency with an expertise in a particular communication field and provide documented indepth knowledge and extensive experience in working with local, regional, and national markets. ii. Designate a principal to coordinate all work with University for all assigned projects. iii. Duties... Read More >

Tells Staff to continue Working from Home until January

2021-09-15 by Jim Crickell

Google’s sizable workforce has been working from home for more than a year now. The search giant told its employees to work from home when the pandemic hit. Now, nearly two years since it first told workers to begin working from home, Google has pushed back office resumption for its staff by three months, to January. Its employees were supposed to return to the office but that plan has been scrapped for the coming months partly because of the contagious delta strain of the coronavirus that’s been spreading across the US recently.  Due to this new strain, there has been... Read More >

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