City of El Centro Seeks Public Relations Firm

City of El Centro Seeks Public Relations Firm

The City of El Centro is seeking to establish a contract for public relations consulting services. The successful Consultant will be assisting with public and media relations for the City of El Centro.


The City of El Centro operates under the Council form of government established by the Government Code. The governing body consists of five council members with the Mayor elected annual by the other council members. Pursuant to the City Code, the City Manager is charged with the responsibility of the general supervision and direction of the administrative operations of the City. The City’s budget for fiscal year 2018 is $106.4 million and reflects a workforce of 294 employees. The City of El Centro provides all traditional municipal services including police, fire, emergency communications, street maintenance and parks and recreation activities. In addition, the City operates a metropolitan water utility and a City library system. El Centro is the center of one of Southern California’s most promising new commercial and industrial regions. There are two international border crossings nearby for commercial and noncommercial vehicles. Covering 11.019 square miles, it is the largest City in Imperial County. It is located 616 miles southwest of San Francisco, 117 miles east of San Diego and 245 miles west of Phoenix AZ, and just 15 minutes from the international industrial complexes in Mexicali, Baja California. El Centro is accessible via Interstate 8, State Highway 86, and State Highway 111.

Scope of Work:

Consultant will work with the City Manager’s Office, City Council, and other departments of the City on the following:

  1. Assist as needed with revisions to City’s web page, including submission of photos and written material;
  2. Facilitation of City’s Public Relations Committee (PIC) and monthly meetings, if needed;
  3. Produce and provide twelve (12) streaming videos per year approved by the City Manager or designee that are placed on the City’s website (main page and events page) and a DVD copy shall also be provided to City Manager, if requested;
  4. Develop and present special reports to City Council as needed/requested;
  5. Development and/or assist in promoting/coordinating and communicating information for City sponsored community events, ground breakings, dedications, activities, programs and issues including preparing written articles, speeches, public service announcements, position papers, photography services and other communication information to the public, City staff and organizations;
  6. Development and/or assistance in negotiating with other vendors for advertising or public relations services as requested by City staff for advertising and special promotional campaigns and public service announcements to the media including coordination of TV spots, transportation plans, etc;
  7. Meet with the City Manager, or designee, on a regular basis;
  8. Develop and provide research, photography, graphic design and writing services for community newsletters (4), employee newsletters (12), brochures and other City produced publications in English and Spanish. Coordinate printing for upon request by the City.
  9. Design and evaluation of citizen surveys and employee surveys; provide written spreadsheet, statistical graphs and presentation of all findings in English and Spanish;
  10. Liaison activities between City and community organizations as needed;
  11. Attend City Council meetings as required and be familiar with and be available for consultation on issues relating to the City of El Centro.
  12. Translation of communications from English to another language, while keeping tone and context intact. Current needs include translation to Spanish (Mexico). Other languages may be added as needed.
  13. Coordinate with agencies of the City of El Centro.

Due Date:

August 31st


City Manager’s Office

City of El Centro

1275 Main Street

El Centro, CA 92243

Hunter PR and 5WPR have tourism experience.

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