Digital Marketing RFP Issued By Holocaust Memorial Museum

A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (hereafter referred to as “USHMM” or “Museum”) inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity. As an independent establishment of the U.S. Government with gift acceptance authority, federal support guarantees the Museum’s permanence, and its far-reaching educational programs and global impact are made possible by donors, members, educators, universities, leaders in governments and the public, just to name a few.

USHMM’s efforts to expand diversify, and more effectively engage audiences, particularly younger audiences, are critical to securing the permanent relevance of the Holocaust as it recedes further in time. Trends seen in the nonprofit space show that digital media provide the most affordable, accessible and scalable avenues for audience diversification and growth — with even greater reliance on USHMM’s email and web communications now due to its digital pivot in response to the COVID-environment. USHMM is seeking a digital marketing automation platform (hereafter, the “Digital Marketing Platform” or “Platform”) to support it’s vast and growing digital marketing efforts. Among other things, the team seeks a cloud-based platform with strong back-end user experience, making it easy for staff to navigate and execute a range of marketing tasks. The platform must also interact/integrate well with platforms within our current system ecosystem. We fully recognize that no single system will contain all of our desired functionality out of the box, however, our ideal solution would be intuitive, well integrated, and allow Museum users to execute our programs and campaigns nearly independently

USHMM utilizes the Amergent Portfolio constituent relationship management (CRM) system. We seek to establish a 2-way automated data sync between our offline database and the digital marketing platform. In the immediate term, we also need to ensure a regularly occurring and reconcilable data transfer between offline systems and other digital systems in our ecosystem used to support online event registration, constituent management, digital fundraising and processing, cross-platform analytics and data lakes/repositories. This will require the setup of two distinct functional architectures: The Digital Marketing Platform operations to begin immediate integration with current systems and abilities to work within other industry platforms the Museum may utilize at a later period.

Scope of Work:

The USHMM is seeking a Digital Marketing Platform to support robust email, online form, and webpage requirements for digital stewardship and engagement goals needed to foster the growth and diversification of audiences beyond its core.

Services include: 

● Email automation 

● Dynamic web page management 

● Database Segmentation 

● Open and secure API integration 

● Automated and flexible performance analytics & reports

● Flexible back-end user/admin experience and capabilities

● On-demand and live technical support

Due Date:

Mar 29 


Agencies worth considering include Edelman pr and 5WPR.

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