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The Auraria Campus is a dynamic academic environment shared by three separate and distinct institutions of higher learning:

  • Community College of Denver
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Denver

The Auraria Higher Education Center is a separate state entity whose role is to provide and manage shared services, facilities, and property to support these prominent institutions in achieving their goals.

The collective student population is nearly 38,000, with approximately 5,000 faculty and staff.

● Working with a previously established media plan to expand the need for promotion of CCD’s Summer and Fall start dates.

● Vendor will share the plan during a 30-minute progress call and update based on one round of feedback (if needed).

● If any further changes or new initiatives require that this plan be adjusted after the updates stated above, CCD will then be responsible for updating this plan accordingly.

Campaign Set Up:

● Vendor to set up campaign architecture to match CCD’s approved media plan.

● Vendor to upload ads to Display, Search, Facebook, and Snapchat to kickoff campaigns.

Campaign Management Consultation:

● Vendor will provide up to 25 hours of campaign management consultation. These hours may be used at CCD’s discretion for vendor to optimize, train, and manage campaigns.


● Vendor to draft and finalize ad copy for new and existing channels for campaigns promoting both Summer and Fall.

● CCD will provide edits through one round of feedback.

Website Audit

● Vendor will audit and provide recommendations on optimizations for both CCD’s homepage and sitewide navigation.

● Vendor will share these findings in a 2-3 page report delivered on a progress call.

Client and Project Management

● Project Manager and Account Director available for 30-minute progress calls every other week to be scheduled with the CCD team.

2.3 CCD Responsibilities

CCD will work with the vendor on planning the campaign and but the college will place the digital ads in the recommended platforms.

2.4 Task Schedule and Timeline The digital marketing plan must be completed by May 1st and the overall campaign completed on June 30, 2021

Due Date:

4/29/21 Quote Due Time: 12:00 p.m. Mountain Time


Auraria Higher Education Center, Procurement Services 1201 Fifth Street, Suite 370 Denver, CO 80204 Fax Number: 303 556-2093

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