HaulerHub: Putting the Power of Logistics in the Hands of Haulers

As the demand for the digitization of the supply chain industry and e-commerce continues to impact different parties in the logistics industry, reliable haulers have become the focal point of seamless transportation of goods.

However, freight brokers have dominated the Cargo transport and shipping industry for a long time, from arranging payment with consignees to scheduling delivery with selected haulers. These intermediaries have affected small-scale and independent haulers who have minimal resources to compete with big players in an industry that abounds with challenges. Although licensed, these third parties often exploit the parties as they arrange shipments.

Fortunately, HaulerHub has streamlined the industry by introducing a transparent platform that connects haulers and shippers. The Brooklyn-based company created this platform to remove the middleman costs burdening haulers and shippers. HaulerHub connects consignees with haulers

Let us help you understand how HaulerHub utilizes technology to create a reliable full-service tech platform that has transformed the hauling industry. Haulers can leverage this digital platform to compete with prominent companies. Besides, haulers can access this user-friendly platform from a phone or a PC.

Haulers’ Logistic Power with HaulerHub

In today’s competitive environment with many logistic partners, a company that gets hauling wrong can experience customer service problems, productivity slowdowns, bad reviews, and other problems. Effective companies leverage technologies such as HaulerHub to streamline hauling. Besides, this reliable state-of-the-art tech platform eliminates hidden fees imposed by third parties. The primary object of this full-service tech platform was to stop exploitation from middlemen. The entire shipping process becomes cheap and efficient because clients and haulers communicate quickly and efficiently.

How HaulerHub benefits Haulers

HaulerHub Reduces Paperwork When Dealing with Shippers

Cumbersome paperwork and long waiting period remain the most annoying processes in the shipping industry. This process becomes a challenge, especially in an industry where you do not know whom to trust. Thanks to technologies such as HaulerHub, this is no longer a problem for haulers in the industry. The process for shippers to choose haulers involves four simple steps:

  • Shippers access the HaulerHub platform from their phones or PCs and register their freight. The platform allows shippers to specify the destination
  • Depending on service capability and capacity, haulers register and bid on the placed freights
  • The shippers review the bidder’s quotes and choose a preferred hauler based on their capacity and general profile
  • Shipping begins immediately after the shipper chooses a hauler. The platform allows both the shipper and hauler to track the freight around the clock in real-time until it gets to the destination

HaulerHub’s user-friendly guarantees a seamless experience and fast transactions thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

Effective and Efficient Shipping Solutions for Haulers

Haulers’ capacity and capability vary. Similarly, shippers’ needs, demands, and priorities differ. However, quality and efficient services remain pivotal in effective delivery. Every shipper wants their freight to reach its destination without any damage, faster, and at a low price. At a standard fee of 3PL, haulers do not compromise on quality. The platform aligns them with shippers that need their services. Haulers can easily find a client with needs that match their profile. This tailored process minimizes haulers’ time bidding on shippers’ freights that do not match their profile. Besides guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness, this personalized solution expedites the shipping process thanks to smart computing.

Haulers’ and shippers’ Peace of mind

Unlike in the past, when tracking freight in transit was a challenge, the HaulerHub platform allows haulers and shippers to communicate constantly. Besides, shippers can be at peace knowing that their cargo is safe because HaulerHub partners with trusted logistics companies and personnel. Again, if the 24/7 real-time tracking system fails, haulers and shippers can reach the HaulerHub support team for assistance.

Faster Way to Find Shippers

Every hauler’s nightmare is preparing quotes, handling negotiations, and finding a trustworthy client to work with in the industry. Haulers could waste time associated with cumbersome paperwork with middlemen. However, thanks to HaulerHub because haulers get tailored solutions that align with the shippers’ needs. The platform introduces transparency and minimizes paperwork allowing haulers to connect with shippers faster than before.

Get Started with HaulerHub Today!

Since its inception in 2019, HaulerHub has remained among the best companies striving to help haulers communicate with the other involved parties in the logistics and transport industry. HaulerHub technology allows haulers to partner and organize shipping directly with shippers.

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