Healthcare influencers

Doctors and healthcare professionals have online followings on social media platforms. Quite a few doctors use social media in their personal lives, and some also use it to make their professional presence felt. Over the pandemic, social media influencers have become the dependable  source of health information for many. Healthcare professionals who are also influencers talk about wellness, medical procedures, prescription drugs, and mental health, among other things. Social media can be an effective way of reaching out to health care professionals .

Filling a gap

Most people turn to the internet for the solutions to their problems. When the pandemic hit, there was a rise of misinformation. Media outlets and governments did not appear to be trustworthy anymore. This information  gap on social media needs to be filled by medical professionals who users can trust. Thus the appearance of medical professionals on social media is reassuring for patients.

Healthcare is a good fit for influencer marketing

Healthcare marketers have realized that it is important to build relationships with their target audience. Health is important, and where health is concerned, credibility is everything. Medical professionals who have gained the trust of the audience come across as more believable than advertisements from brands. Given below are benefits of using influencer marketing for healthcare.


Appointments for cancer screenings and dental visits are often not given importance by patients. Influencers can remind people of such needs. They can recommend products and services that are helpful for their audiences.

An effective marketing tool

Social media platforms are used as marketing tools by many different industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception. A social media presence shows patients and potential patients that a medical professional is moving with the times. Using social media also makes doctors appear human, as people get a chance to peek behind the curtain of the profession.

A  tool for patient engagement

Sometimes, patients are anxious about visiting a new doctor or trying out a new product.  When a doctor explains the benefits of a product or a procedure, it helps to reassure a patient. People who regularly engage with the content shared by healthcare professionals begin to rely on them.

Given below are popular medical influencers.

Mike Varshavski

Mike Varshavski is known as Doctor Mike on social media. His posts started as a series of dog photos and changed to a popular mix of fitness, entertainment, and medical education posts. He has 4.3 million followers on Instagram and 8 million followers on his YouTube channel. He shares helpful tips on how to reduce cancer risks and improve nutrition.

Kien Vuu

Kien Vuu is a cancer specialist and has started the Live Again Project. Live Again Project is a community for anyone who has been affected by cancer. Live Again encourages them to share their stories. Vuu is also a motivational speaker and a professor of medicine at UCLA.

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