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APCO Tags Mike Tuffin for D.C. Leadership

Last week, APCO Worldwide announced veteran Mike Tuffin, executive vice president of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), as taking over as managing director of the firm’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., on June 25th. APCO, perhaps the most influential PR group in the US Capital, evidently tagged Tuffin for his vast expertise and influence in the healthcare sector.

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APCO Worldwide’s Margery Kraus: A PR Profile

Everything PR News has the distinct pleasure of talking with Margery Kraus, Founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide. One of the world’s most respected industry leaders speaks very candidly about the industry, the new PR, and her wealth of experience in life as well.

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APCO Worldwide PR Firm and a Final Fantasy of Malaysia

New investment in Malaysia has all but dried up on recent news of the country’s divisions and controversy. The country has now gone so far as to hire the world’s most prominent crisis management group, APCO Worldwide, to bolster the nation’s reputation. But how can even APCO gloss over the vast crevice of disparity in Malaysia?

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The Financial World Finally Pulls out the Big PR Guns

The largest banking and insurance institutions hire dream team of PR, research and advertising specialists in an attempt to rebuild customer trust and fight off negative comments from the Congress, the Obama administration and from their target audience as well. They shift from lobbying and campaign contributions to social media and online PR.