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APCO Tags Mike Tuffin for D.C. Leadership

2012-06-03 by EPR Staff
Mike Tuffin

Last week, APCO Worldwide announced veteran Mike Tuffin, executive vice president of America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), as taking over as managing director of the firm's headquarters in Washington, D.C., on June 25th. APCO, perhaps the most influential PR group in the US Capital, evidently tagged Tuffin for his vast expertise and influence in the healthcare sector. Prior to joining AHIP, Tuffin was VP of APCO, having helped launch a flagship pharmaceutical industry prescription assistance campaign, as well as directing a coalition backed major retirement security initiative backed. He also served as senior director of strategic communications at the Pharmaceutical... Read More >

APCO Worldwide’s Margery Kraus: A PR Profile

2011-08-23 by EPR Staff
Margery Kraus

An Everything PR News Feature: Margery Kraus of APCO Worldwide. Continuing our series of interviews with leaders in the PR industry, we have already heard from several of the world's most influential executives. Today, Everything PR News has the distinct pleasure of talking with Margery Kraus, Founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide. In this candid interview, one of the world's most esteemed communicators offers the kind of guidance we so often only hear about, rather than experience firsthand. The world stage, communication in the digital age, success, direction, the path we are all on, every day we all have at... Read More >

Bill Richardson Joins APCO Worldwide

2011-02-24 by EPR Staff
Bill Richardson APCO

Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has joined APCO Worldwide as the chairman of the firm's executive advisory service, Global Political Strategies (GPS), where he will assist in providing counsel to companies and institutions at the highest levels as they globalize their activities. "Gov. Richardson has a unique combination of local, state, congressional, executive branch and foreign policy experience gained through high-level diplomatic and political posts held throughout his career," - said APCO founder and CEO Margery Kraus. "Given his strong leadership qualities, his extraordinary achievements in government and business and his global knowledge and experience, we know he's the right... Read More >

APCO Worldwide PR Firm and a Final Fantasy of Malaysia

2010-09-13 by EPR Staff
APCO Public Relations Worldwide

Margery Kraus' APCO Worldwide is without a doubt the boldest PR firm on this planet. Why? Well, for the right price the world's most renowned crisis intervention heroes will evidently represent anyone. What's APCO's travail this time? Malaysia is all in the soup over their variant of political Seppuku, APCO has to re-brand the country no less. Malaysia these days seems like anything but a moderate and stable nation. From church burnings to caning young girls, Malaysia's divisions seem light years away from resolution. As a result of these perceptual woes, investing in the country these days resembles American dealings... Read More >

The Financial World Finally Pulls out the Big PR Guns

2010-03-25 by EPR Staff
financial services roundtable everything-pr

The leaders of the financial world have gathered together, discussed and decided it was finally time to worry about their image and start having conversations with those they want as customers. The Financial Services Roundtable, a group representing 150 of the largest institutions in the financial industry, with members such as JP Morgan Chase or Citigrup, decided the time for action was now. It took big banks and insurance companies almost two years from the first signs of crisis and economic collapse to stop relying on lobbying alone and finally call PR hot shots to help out with their shattered... Read More >

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