PR Consumer Beauty: Reassessing Why People Buy

Do people buy to become, or do they buy to enhance? That is the central question currently redefining beauty PR and marketing. The debate is raging online, on social media, and in malls across America, with adherents on both sides digging in and planting flags in what they call “the right answer.” The “traditional” approach, […]

What Exactly Is Beauty PR?

Beauty PR is exactly what it sounds like: public relations for beauty products, or cosmetics. Think of every commercial for eyeliner, lipstick, or mascara – the people behind those ads are beauty public relation agents. What Do Companies Do to Promote Products? More than just ads, PR agents are responsible for the promotion of products […]

The Right Way to Break into Beauty PR

The Right Way to Break into Beauty PR

Beauty PR is a dream job for many people. They get to promote the brand they love, set up large events, organize press releases, and so much more. Truly perfection for a lot of folks. An important thing to keep, though, in mind is that everyone’s path is different. There is no set formula for […]